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  • How much should I feed my dog or puppy?

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    We recommend that you feed 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight, spread over two meals a day. Usually, puppies should be fed to appetite from 4-6 weeks.

    From 7 weeks old please refer to our feeding guide.

    Remember this is a guide and a common-sense approach is needed. Puppies should be lean and not overweight to protect their joints. Please use careful observation as your pup develops and call us for advice if necessary. As your dog matures, begin reducing the total daily amount to 2-3% in line with the feeding guide, monitoring their weight carefully, so that you can adjust portions as necessary.

    Remember, every dog has a different metabolism and nutritional requirements, so feeding should be matched to his individual needs. Until your puppy is 16 weeks old we recommend spreading your dog’s daily food allowance over four meals per day. From 17 to 24 weeks of age reduce this to 3 meals a day. After this, 2 meals a day is preferable.

    Once you are happy with the amount of raw dog food you need you can purchase your adult raw dog food or your puppy raw dog food with the information given.

    To find out how much your dog should be eating per day, please refer to our handy raw food calculator.  


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