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The ProDog Team

The one thing you can be sure of is that each and every member of our fantastic team LOVE dogs

Of course, ProDog is an award-winning company because of every member of our team. They dedicate their time and energy to researching, developing, producing and marketing the best quality products and delivering the best customer experience possible. To work in such a demanding environment takes passion and, when it comes to dogs, all of our team own that passion in abundance.

Oh, what was that? You’d like to know a little more about them? Well, ok, then...


Heidi is the founder and MD of ProDog (Bossy boss!)

She is also mum to Genghis and Khan (2 huge black Cane Corsos) and Frankie Boy (even bigger horse shaped puppy), wife to Mat and has recently inherited a python called Goldie (don’t ask).

Heidi is basically mad about health, nutrition, animals, education and fitness (both in humans and dogs!). Genghis, her male dog, is not so keen on the fitness malarkey and can be often heard snoring in the background when you speak to her (its definitely not Mat).

Luckily Khan is a bit different and loves her Mondio/Protection training.

When Heidi is not training her dogs, riding her horse or discussing politics with her snake, she is found working tirelessly at the helm of ProDog.  Never too busy for a customer big or small and always thrilled to talk canine nutrition with anyone at anytime of night or day.....they definitely 'broke the mould' here.

We are sometimes thankful there is only one Heidi 😬


Rid or ‘Riddler’ as we call him, is Mr Supplement.  Rid is a director at PDR and has been with us since day one.

After spending a very long and successful career creating epicness in a tub all over the world for both performance and support at elite athlete level, his knowledge and experience in this field is different class.  We are so grateful he channelled all of his expertise into our canine companions anatomy some years back so that we can all benefit now.  Dogs need more friends like Rid.

Obsessed with nutrition, if you open a cheese sandwich in front of him you will get a full lecture on the analytical content, be warned.  This is a typical Rid-ism:

Have you ever wondered how your food stacks up against supplements? Sometimes we need a helping hand to fill gaps in our diets. However, don't be fooled by size, supplements pack a powerful punch when it comes to nutritional value.

Because of this we now all eat in a cupboard.  Anyway……

Rid lets the team down somewhat having zero dogs, but he does redeem himself by feeding foxes, deer and the rest of the extensive wildlife he finds in his grounds at home.  He also has 2 cats called Bing and Ding (no comment).

Rid is a MASSIVE Liverpool FC fan, being a season ticket holder at the Kop for over 35 years and will flatly refuse to engage in any form of human contact while they are playing.  His other passions are golf and skiing.  When we can coax him back to the UK from either sunnier climates or the Alps he is kept busy developing formulas and new products for ProDog.  He gets super excited about things like fish collagen but mostly hates technology and is often heard yelling ‘but WHY do I have to have emails on my phone??’ as he walks down a corridor.

We all love The Riddler.


Beth is our Customer Service team leader and is passionate about keeping things simple and easy for our customers. Spreadsheets are her favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ and she gets very excited every time she announces a new one (yawn!).

Having experience with dogs with complex health needs, she is always on the look out for the latest natural solutions. She is often found diving into bushes in the countryside to retrieve a wild herb and raising suspicious glances from the locals!

She is passionate about rescue, taking in dogs that get labelled as “difficult to rehome”. She has a current crew of 4 dogs, sometimes rising to 5 or even 6 with foster dogs but it doesn’t stop there. Her home and garden are full to the brim with rescue lizards, rabbits, chicken and sheep. If you get the chance, ask her about her grumpy tortoise who does not like to be disturbed! When she’s not looking after them all she is sending us photos of dogs needing homes trying to convince us all that “one more won’t hurt”. Luckily, her husband Gareth is equally as nutty about rescue!

Whilst all her dogs are incredibly special to her, her first girl Lilly has a special place in her heart. As a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she found herself waiting in rescue for over a year before Beth found her. Beth has taken her through Bronze, Silver and Gold Good citizenship awards, trained her at agility and she is now a registered Pets as Therapy dog teaching children in schools how they should approach dogs safely. If there is one thing to definitely not do in front of Beth, it is judging a dog by it’s breed!


Anna is our content writer. Website content, blogs, press releases, award applications…… basically whenever we need to say something using the written word we call her.
An animal obsessed, outdoors appreciating, live music loving, nutrition geek. Mostly found at home or walking/running or horse riding in the woods. Her four legged friends at the moment consist of a rebellious cat she refers too as the gremlin (her actual name is Delilah) as she thinks she’s a dog (she is fed ProDog raw Pure range so perhaps that’s why) and a slightly bigger furry companion, Maverick the horse. Brought up with dogs (and a heap of other animals) she’s narrowed down the next dog in her life to be “A dog that looks like a wolf”

When she’s not writing stuff about dogs and dog wellbeing, she’s talking to humans about energy. As a tiredness and energy specialist, Integrative Health Coach and EFT Practitioner she has a passion for health and happiness in all beings , 2 legged or 4 legged. With a special interest in gut health and mind/ body medicine she is loving discovering more and more similarities between dog health and human health.


Sheryl is our resident geek! She is responsible for content writing and social media (or as we call it – playing around on Facebook all day). When she is not researching, writing and playing around on Facebook, she can be found juggling her family life with her two children, her two dogs and her other obsession which is running. Always eager to tell us her new ‘split times’ and give a blow by blow account of the weekends race (yawn), we thought it would be fun to nominate her and Flo (nutty Springer) for a Canicross event.

Once Sheryl had worked out which way round the harness went (not such a geek now hehe) they were last seen heading North. Kota is Sheryl’s other dog, a calm and obedient rescue Spaniel cross. Despite being a fussy girl around food previously, once introduced to raw a few years back, she now nails her ProDog and is in super shape. If anyone sees a geek attached to a nutty spaniel flying past them at any stage……kindly point them back in the direction of ProDog HQ.


Mike is the company computer whizz in charge of all things technical. Surprisingly, he doesn’t wear glasses or socks with his sandals. Mike speaks in a language all of his own and most of us at ProDog just nod like we understand. Mike is to computers what we are to raw!

Daddy to Italia and Baby Mikey and husband to Ruby, he is a busy chap so likes to work late into the night getting problems solved and developing new, well, fabulous stuff. Mike is also Ralph’s dad. Ralph is a big lovely shiny Doberman. Esther rules the roost however, every man needs a Chihuahua fluff ball in their life. Esther can often be found stealing Ralph’s raw and telling him off. She is almost as big as his Ostrich bone.


Stu is our digital marketing guru and staunch advocate for raw feeding after we were able to help him sort his poorly puppy out many moons ago. Stu LOVES graphs and charts and analysis and numbers and reports. He is a little too keen to joyfully share these with everyone we feel, so you need to be careful to nip past his desk when he is busy on the phone, or you do run a real risk.

Stu is our biggest team member with ironically the smallest dogs. Daddy to Peppa and George (or ‘the pigs’ as they are affectionately known) he will openly admit to dressing them up in Halloween costumes and Xmas jumpers etc. (you get the picture, right?).

Stu loves his Frenchies big time. He is totally adamant George will be the first agility champion French Bulldog…and who are we to argue that? Meanwhile, we continue on our mission at ProDog to create a banging supplement that FINALLY gets Peppa’s unruly ear to stand, and when we achieve it, we will be sure to let you all know.


Marnie is our office manager. Quiet and unflappable, she gets the job done in a steady, organised manner and is never EVER seen sprinting through the car park with one last box label for the courier. Marnie joined us when we first relocated to Hull after outgrowing our initial premises.

She is now a fundamental part of the team and is super disciplined with how long she spends fussing customers puppies when they come to visit and totally observes the one treat rule. Never seen without her trustee ProDog hoody, Marnie is a certified pocket rocket and ensures all your orders are picked and packed and dispatched on time.

As she is currently looking to get onto the housing ladder, Marnie is sensibly waiting to get her first dog. So far, she has picked 764 definites though. One thing’s for sure. She is going to need a large garden.


Nick is the independent consultant vet for Prodog Raw. He's a raw food nut and has been for 25 years. He's had dogs all his life, man and boy: Jake the mad Dalmatian when he was a boy, George the naughty yellow Lab, Sal the timid Collie (he was called out to a Yorkshire farm to put her to sleep because she was scared of sheep! He put her in the car and the rest is history), Linus and Moss the hilarious Labs and now Bluebell the super-cute Whippet/Italian Greyhound cross.

He lives in Wiltshire with his wife Elly who runs Dermadog, a company producing natural soaps for dogs, Arthur and Ophelia his 8 and 6-year-old humans, Bluebell, Ziggy the Snowshoe cat, eight chickens and two peacocks. Yes, two peacocks - they didn't get them specially, one just turned up, so they got another to keep him company. They're called Sir Julian P. Cock and Raj. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Nick is a leading voice in raw feeding worldwide. He blogs, vlogs, Instagrams and puts food and vet stuff on his Facebook page.


Caroline is our supporting nutrition and natural dog care expert. With two books and countless blogs to her name if you can't find her writing she'll no doubt be meditating on a beach somewhere or teaching owners (and their dogs) the power of the downward dog pose.
She is devoted to making sure all our customers dogs get healthier and happier on our fresh raw food, and has a brilliant way of making the complicated world of nutrition and meal balancing simpler and easier to follow.
Her own dog Foosa is rescue from the asian dog meat trade, a tribute to the healing a raw diet can do for dogs. Foosa is the fastest dog on three legs, racing about powered by her favourite ProDog Chicken and Tripe meals.