The ProDog Team

The one thing you can be sure of is that each and every member of our fantastic team LOVE dogs

ProDog is an award-winning company because of every member of our team. They dedicate their time and energy to researching, developing, producing and marketing the best quality products and delivering the best customer experience possible. To work in such a demanding environment takes passion and, when it comes to dogs, all of our team own that passion in abundance.

Here you can read a little more about them......


Heidi is the founder and MD of ProDog (Bossy boss!)

She is also mum to Genghis and Khan (2 huge black Cane Corsos) and Frankie Boy (even bigger horse shaped puppy), wife to Mat and has recently inherited a python called Goldie (don’t ask).

Heidi is basically mad about health, nutrition, animals, education and fitness (both in humans and dogs!). Genghis, her male dog, is not so keen on the fitness malarkey and can be often heard snoring in the background when you speak to her (its definitely not Mat).

Luckily Khan is a bit different and loves her Mondio/Protection training.

When Heidi is not training her dogs, riding her horse or discussing politics with her snake, she is found working tirelessly at the helm of ProDog.  Never too busy for a customer big or small and always thrilled to talk canine nutrition with anyone at anytime of night or day.....they definitely 'broke the mould' here.

We are sometimes thankful there is only one Heidi ?


Rid or ‘Riddler’ as we call him, is Mr Supplement.  Rid is a director at PDR and has been with us since day one.

After spending a very long and successful career creating epicness in a tub all over the world for both performance and support at elite athlete level, his knowledge and experience in this field is different class.  We are so grateful he channelled all of his expertise into our canine companions anatomy some years back so that we can all benefit now.  Dogs need more friends like Rid.

Obsessed with nutrition, if you open a cheese sandwich in front of him you will get a full lecture on the analytical content, be warned.  This is a typical Rid-ism:

Have you ever wondered how your food stacks up against supplements? Sometimes we need a helping hand to fill gaps in our diets. However, don't be fooled by size, supplements pack a powerful punch when it comes to nutritional value.

Because of this we now all eat in a cupboard.  Anyway……

Rid lets the team down somewhat having zero dogs, but he does redeem himself by feeding foxes, deer and the rest of the extensive wildlife he finds in his grounds at home.  He also has 2 cats called Bing and Ding (no comment).

Rid is a MASSIVE Liverpool FC fan, being a season ticket holder at the Kop for over 35 years and will flatly refuse to engage in any form of human contact while they are playing.  His other passions are golf and skiing.  When we can coax him back to the UK from either sunnier climates or the Alps he is kept busy developing formulas and new products for ProDog.  He gets super excited about things like fish collagen but mostly hates technology and is often heard yelling ‘but WHY do I have to have emails on my phone??’ as he walks down a corridor.

We all love The Riddler.


Malcolm, or M” as Heidi calls him, is our Head of Finance.  His job is to tell us whether we can afford our latest ideas, or not, but he usually finds a way that we can - illustrated by a spreadsheet that none of us understand.  

He is an author.  After learning his trade writing Technical Manuals for aircraft, including Concorde, he managed several successful publishing companies before forming his own, which he grew into a group with offices in America and the Far East.  Since he retired”, he has written and published several books of his own, as well as helping new local authors to publish their first books.   

With a passion for listening to music, M regularly shares his insights on the subject through his blog site , which features an Album of the Year’ list he has been curating every year since the 1960s.  He is a regular gig-goer, often aware of younger fans looking at him, perhaps thinking he should have gone to Specsavers.

He also has a keen interest in history and is the Treasurer for a Trust responsible for maintaining a 275-year-old Georgian building - a prominent tourist attraction in his home city of Bath.  He insists it has just one aim in life, which is to fall down around their ears.  It hasnt succeeded - yet!

M doesnt own a dog, but is rumoured to have been spotted with a white cat at his desk.


Alison, or ‘Frosty' as we refer to her, is our Head of Nutrition and Product Development.

A self-confessed dog nutrition nerd, Alison has gained a range of canine nutrition qualifications:

IPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Canine Nutrition  (603/7213/8) |  Dogs Naturally Pro - Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist  |  Dogs Naturally Pro - Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist  | Canine Nutrition- Audit and Formulation of raw and home cooked diets - via Companion - nutrition.   

This, combined with many years of real-life raw feeding experience, means you can rest assured your dog’s nutritional needs are always well taken care of with Frosty in charge. 

Alison was raw feeding her canine clan way before pre-made recipe options were around. Her garden used to resemble a graveyard. Her freezer was full of animal body parts, and she bored everyone with the perils of processed pet food decades ago. 

Owned by her two doodles, she is generally known as the curly crew chief. Markle, or Princess Swampy, as she is better known due to her love of rolling in disgusting things, is the eldest. Miss Winnie is the youngest addition to the curly crew, a Bernedoodle, more often described as the 'Giant Pupster'. 

Alison loves nothing more than talking about nutrition and holistic health (for humans and dogs) to anyone who will listen. You can be certain she will move heaven and earth to find the best nutritional solution for your dog. 



Diana is our Head of Operations, a role that involves a little bit of whatever needs doing to make sure things run smoothly. With 20yrs experience in Customer Experience Management and Operational Management with some of the most well-known UK home services and online retail names, your dogs’ dinner deliveries are in the safest hands.

Having been owned by dogs her entire life, Diana is a sucker for all animals (domestic or wild), often being reminded by her nearest and dearest that she doesn’t need to slow the car down for every bird on the road.

Henry & Spike, both English Bulldogs, and son’s Dogue de Bordeaux (Pablo) allow Diana to live with them, but it’s not uncommon to find her relegated to the worst chairs in the house whilst the three of them relax in the comfy seats.

Diana stumbled upon raw dog food in 2019 after four months of searching for a way to help her eldest bulldog. He had itchy skin and severe yeast imbalance affecting his ears and paws; switching him to a raw food diet was the best decision she ever made and an experience that inspired her to join the ProDog Raw team. Diana loves that she gets to spend her days helping introduce the benefits of a natural diet to many other four-legged customers.

When not being ‘chief organiser’ at ProDog, you’ll find Diana glamping or caravanning with the hubby and dogs, although she does draw the line at camping (access to a private bathroom is a must). Diana hasn’t been abroad in 15 years because she can’t bring herself to leave the dogs and risk them thinking she’d abandoned them, even if only for a week. 


Anna is our Head of Communications; we call her whenever we need to say something to the outside world. A writer at heart with a diploma in canine nutrition makes her the perfect person to share our expertise.

As an animal-obsessed, outdoors-appreciating, music-lover, you'll often find her walking or running with Rudi, the energetic Northern Inuit she shares her home with. Born to run, eat, and play ball, he is Anna's shadow. Never far away. He even likes a chat in his own dog style.

When she's not writing about dogs and dog wellbeing, she's talking or writing about energy. As a tiredness and energy specialist, Integrative Health Coach and EFT Practitioner, she has a passion for health and happiness in all beings, two-legged or four-legged. With a particular interest in gut health and the mind/ body connection, she is enjoying discovering more and more similarities between dog health and human health.


Sheryl is our resident geek! She is responsible for content writing and social media (or as we call it – playing around on Facebook all day). When she is not researching, writing and playing around on Facebook, she can be found juggling her family life with her two children, her two dogs and her other obsession which is running. Always eager to tell us her new ‘split times’ and give a blow by blow account of the weekends race (yawn), we thought it would be fun to nominate her and Flo (nutty Springer) for a Canicross event.

Once Sheryl had worked out which way round the harness went (not such a geek now hehe) they were last seen heading North. Kota is Sheryl’s other dog, a calm and obedient rescue Spaniel cross. Despite being a fussy girl around food previously, once introduced to raw a few years back, she now nails her ProDog and is in super shape. If anyone sees a geek attached to a nutty spaniel flying past them at any stage……kindly point them back in the direction of ProDog HQ.


Nick is our Website Development Lead. His job can sometimes seem baffling to those of us without a techie brain, but in simple terms, he ensures the website runs smoothly.

For over 20 years, he's honed his craft as a tech whizz. He admits it's the perfect job to keep him out of mischief as he's always loved puzzles and problem-solving. The world of ProDog web development goes something like this —one of the team has a super-bright idea about how we could make our customers' website experience better, this is closely followed with the words "Nick, can you get the website to do X, Y, Z" then Nick will go away and work his magic to make it possible! 

Based in Valencia, Nick enjoys the Spanish life. Downtime is having a kickabout with friends or cycling south of the city to the rice fields and orange groves (we're only slightly envious when we're lapping up the UK grey skies and rain). Playing the guitar and live concerts are also permanent features, as is his ‘brewmaster ambitions; Nick is currently refining the art of home beer brewing (and of course, sampling a little of the end product). 

There's one thing the Spanish life hasn't changed, though; his love for Yorkshire tea. It seems he'll always be a Yorkshire man at heart.


Meet Lewis, our graphic design maestro. He's the creative mastermind behind the scenes, ensuring the ProDog brand looks 100 paw-cent!

While Lewis may not have a dog, he is no stranger to the world of healthy living and raw food. In fact, he once lent his creative touch to his brother's raw food cafe, and he even had a stint as a chocolatier at a raw chocolate company. 

As a devoted nutrition researcher, Lewis knows a thing or two about the importance of a top-notch diet. He's all in on ProDog's mission and can often be caught tuning into ProDog Rawbellion Conversation to learn more about canine nutrition while conjuring up more design magic.

Lewis is a devoted Dad. Down time is a rare treat with three kiddos in his life. But, when he’s not working on keeping ProDog looking sharp and does manage to steal a moment away from the three whirlwinds of energy, you'll likely find him in the kitchen, turning his fridge's contents into nutritious juices or serenading whoever will listen with beautiful melodies he has composed on his trusty guitar.


Meet ProDog’s senior website developer. Hailing from Poland, Michal has happily called the UK home for the past decade. 

Having always been captivated by technology and the challenge of problem-solving, it was logical he found a calling as a programmer, where every day presents a new puzzle to solve and a bug to iron out.

With four lively kiddos running around, he is not just a coding wizard; he’s also a parenting superhero. According to Michal, one of the perks of being a developer is the flexibility to work from home, ensuring he can spend quality time with their quartet of youngsters. With four kids – that's a lot of playdates and bedtime stories!

Growing up with a faithful canine companion, his love for animals stems from childhood. Nowadays, Michal’s trusty "pair programming buddy" is Lulu, a sprightly miniature schnauzer, though she does have some competition from their three feline friends.

But it's not all work and no play! In his spare time, Michal channels his creative side, crafting funny programming videos to help others improve their coding capabilities. Because who said computer programming can't be a barrel of laughs?

So, whether he’s streamlining ProDog’s digital operations, conjuring up new features, or sharing chuckles through his YouTube channel, our senior developer is a master of tech performance and a welcome addition to the ProDog team.


Caroline Spencer (Dip.AdvCanBhv) is our in-house behaviourist. Adept at deciphering dog behaviour, her superpower is helping humans to understand and harness their canine companion's innate qualities to live harmoniously together.

Author of " Why Does My Dog Do That?" | Co-Author of "Parenting Your New Puppy" with Lesley Harris | Designer of Happy at Heel Harness

Caroline began her canine adventures over 30 yrs ago. Her beloved first dog Harvey, a master escape artist, prey driven Labrador, taught her many lessons. She's studied and worked with numerous behaviour and training experts, trained and competed in gundog tests and helped countless dog guardians along the way. 

The light bulb moment came when her children arrived 20 years ago. By applying the same principles of bringing up children to dogs, she developed her signature approach alongside her colleague Lesley Harris. 

"Raise dogs. Don't train them." 

Caroline's foundational principles flipped the focus from training the dog to educating humans. She emphasises the importance of forming a loving, trusting relationship with your dog, respecting and working with their natural instincts, whilst providing guidance and boundaries where appropriate to encourage better canine choices. 

When she’s not talking, writing or researching dog and human dynamics you'll find her adventuring with Brora, her little working Cocker Spaniel, amidst the Northumbrian moors, beaches, rivers and waterfalls. Brora loves nothing better than a dip in the North Sea.  Not Caroline's kinda gig though— she's a warm water fish with enthusiasm for netball. Self-rating 10/10 for netball passion and 4/10 for netball skills. She's currently busy focusing on the fun rather than the sporting glory.

Alongside her private consultations, Caroline is proud to be part of the ProDog team. Got a fussy dog? Not a problem— we've got a dog behaviourist on board.


Nick is the independent consultant vet for Prodog Raw. He's a raw food nut and has been for 25 years. He's had dogs all his life, man and boy: Jake the mad Dalmatian when he was a boy, George the naughty yellow Lab, Sal the timid Collie (he was called out to a Yorkshire farm to put her to sleep because she was scared of sheep! He put her in the car and the rest is history), Linus and Moss the hilarious Labs and now Bluebell the super-cute Whippet/Italian Greyhound cross.

He lives in Wiltshire with his wife Elly who runs Dermadog, a company producing natural soaps for dogs, Arthur and Ophelia his 8 and 6-year-old humans, Bluebell, Ziggy the Snowshoe cat, eight chickens and two peacocks. Yes, two peacocks - they didn't get them specially, one just turned up, so they got another to keep him company. They're called Sir Julian P. Cock and Raj. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Nick is a leading voice in raw feeding worldwide. He blogs, vlogs, Instagrams and puts food and vet stuff on his Facebook page.


Stu is our digital marketing guru and staunch advocate for raw feeding after we were able to help him sort his poorly puppy out many moons ago. Stu LOVES graphs and charts and analysis and numbers and reports. He is a little too keen to joyfully share these with everyone we feel, so you need to be careful to nip past his desk when he is busy on the phone, or you do run a real risk.

Stu is our biggest team member with ironically the smallest dogs. Daddy to Peppa and George (or ‘the pigs’ as they are affectionately known) he will openly admit to dressing them up in Halloween costumes and Xmas jumpers etc. (you get the picture, right?).

Stu loves his Frenchies big time. He is totally adamant George will be the first agility champion French Bulldog…and who are we to argue that? Meanwhile, we continue on our mission at ProDog to create a banging supplement that FINALLY gets Peppa’s unruly ear to stand, and when we achieve it, we will be sure to let you all know.