How to choose the right the joint supplements for dogs?

How to choose the right the joint supplements for dogs We all want the best for our dogs and we go to every length to make sure that we offer them just that, whether its buying them a new bed or a smart collar to more specific things like how […]

How to increase dogs stamina, strength and performance?

How to increase dogs stamina, strength and performance When looking to increase a dogs stamina, strength and performance there are many factors to consider. But first of all, what do we mean by stamina? This is the physical and mental energy and strength that an active dog needs to fulfil […]
Boost Dogs energy

How Can I Boost My Dogs Energy?

How Can I Boost My Dogs Energy? If your dog seems tired, lethargic or lacking in their usual spark and vitality, you may be questioning “how can I boost my dogs energy?”. Firstly, it is important that you remain alert to any changes in their behaviour or demeanour. While your […]

So Why is Processed Food is Bad for Dogs?

Why Processed Food is Bad for Dogs Dogs are famous, and even infamous for their willingness to literally eat almost anything. Any dog owner will be familiar with the experience of dragging their pet away from another canine’s faeces which they have started to eat, or even a pool of […]

The Problem with Carbohydrates & Dogs

The problem with carbohydrates Unlike humans, dogs are primarily carnivorous, meaning that they have evolved to eat meat as a main foodstuff. Whereas humans have multiple teeth for grinding, dogs natural anatomies seem to place less importance on this function. Rather dogs teeth are for ripping meat off of bones, […]
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Kidney Concerns With Dogs

Bladder and kidney stones, and the purine problem Dogs have a urinary system relatively similar to humans. According to petplace.com, “The dogs urinary tract is a system made up of the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. These organs work together to produce, transport, store and excrete urine. The urinary […]

An Introduction to Raw Feeding

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The Golden Rules of Raw Feeding

The Golden Rules of Raw Feeding When it comes to feeding your dog a raw diet, the main objective is to feed them a species appropriate diet. What would they eat in the wild? Owners should endeavour to recreate the same diet using similar ingredients for their dogs regardless of […]
Bacteria dog food

Addressing the Concerns around Bacteria when feeding Raw Dog Food

Addressing the concerns around bacteria when Raw Dog Food There are many people who have concerns that raw feeding is an unhygienic practise that will introduce harmful bacteria to both them and their dogs. While it is no secret that there are potentially harmful bacteria in any meat used for […]
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Can ProDog Revive Help With Dog Agility?

Can ProDog Revive Help With Dog Agility Agility dogs are always on the go. They have demanding training regimes and tough competitions for which they need to be at their physical peak. They also need to be able to recover quickly between dog agility training sessions. In order to remain […]

Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

Is Pumpkin Good For Dogs? Its that time of year again where you can find a pumpkin anywhere you look so you may be left wondering, can my dog eat pumpkin? The short answer is YES – Pumpkin is incredibly nutritious, easy to prepare and has almost no side effects.   […]
Natural Dog Food Diet

Natural Raw Dog Food Diet, What are the Benefits?

The benefits of a natural raw dog food diet For many of us, what we eat is extremely important and we are always looking for ways to clean up our own diets but what about when it comes to our canine companions and the benefits of a natural raw dog […]
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Can I Mix Dry Dog Food With Raw Dog Food or Wet Dog Food?

Can you mix dry dog food with raw dog food or wet dog food?  In short there is only one answer and that is that you should never feed dogs a mix of raw dog food and dry food. In fact, if you were going to liken it to mixing […]
arthritis in dogs

How to Help Prevent and Manage Arthritis in Dogs

How to help prevent and manage arthritis in dogs Whether you are looking to prevent or manage arthritis in dogs, there are a number of steps that owners can take. In the first instance, it is important to understand what canine arthritis is and how it occurs as this will […]
natural Raw Dog Food treat

Natural healthy treats for your dog

In addition to their normal diet, often we like to reward our dogs with treats. This may be as a reward for good behaviour, as part of a training regime or simply because, like us humans, sometimes they just deserve a treat. Unfortunately, many people buy pet treats from the […]
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My kind of diet!

As a qualified veterinary nurse with 10 years experience working in the veterinary science profession, I have tried and tested various diets including kibble, cooked and RAW diets. As I began to develop my understanding specifically within internal medicine realm, I began to think more and more about the meals […]

The Facts about ProDog Nutrition

ProDog Nutrition offers a range of exceptional nutritional supplements specifically developed and formulated by experts to ensure that dogs of all ages, size, and breed are getting everything that they anatomically need in their diet. It doesn’t matter how well a dog is fed, it can still be extremely difficult […]
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How much raw food should I feed my dog?

When introducing your dog to raw food it is important to ensure that you are not feeding them too much or indeed too little. Of course, as with humans, if you feed them too much you will end up with an overweight dog and if you don’t give them enough […]
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What is a balanced raw food diet for dogs?

A raw diet or BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is the food that nature intended for dogs. So, what does the term BARF mean and how can you ensure that your dog is getting the right balanced raw diet? What does BARF mean? Adopted correctly, a BARF diet can increase […]
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How your dog’s diet affects their attitude and behaviour

Some of you will be acutely aware of how your dog’s diet affects their attitude and behaviour. For others, it may not be something that you have considered. Of course, for all dog owners it is important to feed your dog the right diet for a number of reasons. From […]