Packaging Promise

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable, so you can have peace of mind that buying our products will not only help your dog thrive but also help the planet thrive.

ProDog's Triple R Approach to taking care of the planet

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, simply rinse out your tubs and put them into your recycling bags or bins. Our liners are compostable meaning you can compost at home or contact your local authority to find out whether they accept compostable packaging.

The high quality, virgin plastic that our tubs are made from is not classified as 'single use' so its 100% safe to reuse. Our community have found some wonderful ways to do this with our bold and bright tubs. Planters, pencil cases, draw tidies…

Our wool liners can also be reused in lots of ways; fillings for cushions/ soft furnishings, lining hamster cages, pet beds, draft excluders, liners to protect laptop/tablets. Go on… bring out your creative side and get reusing.

Send back the wool liners and we'll send your doggo some healthy, natural treats as a thank you in your next order.

Here's How:

  • Save a minimum of 3 separate delivery box wool linings (6 liners)
  • Package them
  • Fill out our returns form & read the instructions
  • Attach an address label using the address on our returns form
  • Pop the returns form into your parcel & ship them back to us

Our Why

We're a company with nature at its very heart. We provide 100% natural, ethically sourced food for dogs. We invest to ensure our actions as a food manufacturer are as ecological as possible. We're committed to doing our part to create a sustainable planet.

When we discovered that most food packaging is single-use plastic, or contains plastic and only 17% of this plastic gets recycled… we decided we would do better.

The Two Key Aims Of Our Packaging

  • To respect and conserve the environment
  • To protect the nutritional content of the food inside
  • Made from polypropylene (PP)
  • Both the tub and lid are made from PP which is 100% recyclable, fully approved for food contact and BPA free.

PP is "widely recyclable" meaning over 79% of local authorities will recycle from home collections (the highest recyclability rate in the UK for food produce approved packaging material). PP is in demand for the manufacture of a very wide range of reusable items such as buckets, car interiors, carpets, furniture, watering cans, storage bins etc.

Brightly Coloured

Our distinctive yellow tubs mean recycling services can easily identify them as PP. Plastics which aren't easily identifiable as PP, such as those made from black plastic or neutral colours often end up in landfill by mistake.

The Label

Is also made from PP, called an "In-Mould Label" (IML) meaning the entire pack is made from the same 'mono' material, therefore increasing ease of recyclability and cutting down on the need for more packaging waste. Unlike other food packaging, with self-adhesive labels applied or cardboard sleeves, adding another material decreases the likelihood that the packaging will be recycled.

Wool Lining

To keep your order safe and cool during transit, we've opted for eco-friendly wool liners in your delivery box. These liners act as insulation keeping your food frozen and at peak quality. Our wool liners can be returned to us and reused or can be added to your composter.

Reusable Tubs

The plastic we use is not "single-use" plastic, meaning that our tubs can be safely reused again and again.

We're also mindful of our carbon footprint in relation to the distance our packaging needs to travel to reach us. We've sourced the closest possible suppliers for the specific materials we've chosen to use; wool linings from the UK and PP plastic from Denmark.

Why Did we Choose Plastic?

Our vision for the future of ProDog's packaging is to have fully bio-degradable packaging. We believe this is a few years away yet for several reasons.

There simply aren't adequate facilities in the UK yet to compost large volumes of bio-degradable materials. The infrastructure isn't in place at this time. Experts have advised us it may not be for 10+ years. Also, the jury is still out on whether current bio plastics are better for the environment when all aspects of their production, manufacture and distribution are considered.

For now, we are content in the knowledge our packaging is as environmentally friendly as it possibly can be. In the meantime, we'll continue to support campaigns to bring about changes in our waste disposal systems here in the UK, and stay informed about the progress made in developing bio plastics that will reduce our carbon footprint.

What You Can Do

By choosing to recycle your tubs and compost your wool liners you will be doing your bit to support the sustainability of the planet. By choosing to return your wool linings you will be going the extra mile.

Download Your Returns Form Here

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*We hope you will embrace our mission to not only keep creating the very best natural raw dog food on the market but also to deliver it to you in a way that means we all do our bit for the war on excess waste! ProDog Raw is proud to be GREEN.