Our Packaging Promise

Our Packaging Promise

At ProDog, we understand the vital importance of packaging. It’s not just about delivering our raw dog food, supplements, and treats to you in perfect condition; it’s about ensuring our products’ safety and nutritional integrity while being as kind to the planet as possible.

That’s why we promise to choose packaging materials that meet two essential goals:

1. Quality and Freshness: Our packaging preserves the nutritional value of our products for extended periods.

2. Eco-friendliness: We opt for the most sustainable options available.

Our Commitment

ProDog is built on a foundation of respect for nature. Our mission is to provide ethically sourced dog food and supplements packed with the finest natural ingredients. We invest heavily in ensuring our operations are as ecological as possible, working diligently to create a sustainable planet.

When we learned that most food packaging is single-use plastic—with only 17% being recycled—we knew we had to do better.

Our Packaging Choices

Food tubs

Material: Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP), fully approved for food contact and BPA-free. Unlike less distinguishable plastics, our bright yellow tubs are easily identifiable for recycling services.

Labels: Also made from PP, they are called ” In-Mould Labels” (IML), meaning the entire pack is made from the same ‘mono’ material. This increases the ease of recyclability and reduces the need for more packaging waste. Unlike other food packaging, with self-adhesive labels applied or cardboard sleeves, adding another material decreases the likelihood that the packaging will be recycled.

Recyclability: Over 79% of local authorities in the UK will recycle PP from home collections. PP is in high demand for manufacturing a wide range of reusable items. As local arrangements for recycling vary, the first step is to check with your local authority.
Read the ‘What if my council doesn’t recycle?’ section below for more guidance.

Reusability: The high-quality, virgin plastic our tubs are made from is not “single-use” plastic, making them safe for our customers to use again and again.

Many of our customers have found great ways to repurpose our bold and bright tubs, from planters, pencil cases, and drawer tidies to bird baths and feeders.

Why plastic?

Our vision is to transition to fully biodegradable packaging eventually. However, the UK’s infrastructure is not yet equipped to compost large volumes of biodegradable materials, and experts estimate this might take over a decade.

While biodegradable materials appear to be kinder to the planet at first glance than plastic, when you delve deeper, current bioplastics are still under scrutiny for their environmental impact. For now, our plastic packaging, being 100% recyclable, is as eco-friendly as it can be when considering its core purpose: keeping your dog’s nutritional products fresh and safe.

However, we will continue to advocate for better waste disposal systems and bioplastic advancements.

Supplement and treat packets

The packaging we’ve chosen for your dog’s favourites ensures the products remain fresh and maintain their nutritional composition for long periods. The zip-lock design also makes them easily resealable for later use.

Recyclability: Our treat and supplement packets are fully recyclable and printed using carbon-neutral processes to minimize our carbon footprint. Less energy and waste mean a smaller carbon footprint than conventional printed packaging.

Local Recycling: Check with your local authority for recycling provisions for LDPE 4 plastic packaging, commonly used for pet food pouches and plastic bags. Read the ‘What You Can Do’ section below for more advice.

Delivery boxes

We’ve carefully researched and tested numerous delivery box options to find the most robust solution that can withstand the rigours of shipping.

We selected a highly durable box-within-a-box packaging. With honeycomb cardboard padding, thicker high-grade material, and an inner coating for added insulation that prevents moisture from weakening the cardboard, our delivery boxes ensure all your dog’s ProDog favourites arrive safe and sound on your doorstep.

Recyclability: This packaging style eliminates the need for additional insulation materials and allows for easy recycling of the entire ProDog delivery box in your household paper recycling!

Local Recycling: Each delivery box contains ice packs made from LDPE 4 plastic, commonly used for food supplement pouches and plastic bags. Regional arrangements for recycling vary; check with your local authority.

Read the ‘What if my council doesn’t recycle?’ section below for more advice.

Location matters

We’re mindful of our carbon footprint and source materials from the closest possible suppliers. Our delivery boxes and packaging come from UK-based suppliers, while our PP plastic is sourced from Denmark.

What You Can Do

Reuse | Recycle | Repeat

By recycling your tubs, boxes, and packets, you support the mission to reduce waste and help the planet. If you need clarification on local recycling provisions, check your local authority’s website for information.

Delivery boxes

All local authorities offer recycling for cardboard, so you can go ahead and add our delivery boxes to your usual household paper collection.

Food tubs

Most areas provide home collection facilities for recycling polypropylene plastics (PP). Check with your local authority directly to confirm.

Treat bags, supplement pouches and ice pack plastic coverings

The specification of the plastic used in this packaging is LDPE 4 (Low-density polyethylene – resin ID code 4), the type of plastic commonly used to make carrier bags. An estimated 70% of local authorities accept this type of plastic in household recycling.

Check with your local authority’s provision for LDPE 4 plastic packaging or plastic carrier bags.

What if my council doesn’t recycle?

Should your council not offer provision for home recycling of any aspect of our packaging, many supermarkets or local recycling bins do accept these products.

To find your closest drop-off location, hit the button below and search under your postcode as follows:

Supplement, treat, and ice pack plastics – search ‘plastic bags and wrapping.’
Raw dog food tubs – search ‘pots, trays and tubs’

Recycle Now

Although not all UK local authorities are fully equipped to handle home collections for every aspect of our packaging, we encourage you to research local recycling options. By doing so, you can join us in our mission to provide the best raw dog food and supplements while helping to combat excess waste.

Learn more about ProDog’s Impact as a responsible small business.