Offal & Bone Policy

At ProDog Raw, we promote a balanced approach to nutrition for healthy, species-appropriate feeding. You live with a canine, let's feed them as such!

We encourage our two-legged customers to take notice of their dog's specific needs and vary feeding plans accordingly.

Responsible raw feeding ensures the best ratio of just four key components to suit your dog

Let's look at the four cornerstones of our foods:

1. Muscle Meat

Meat (including heart) contains essential proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. All quality meats are building blocks and fuel for all the body cell's metabolism, functions and systems. Proteins are the most essential of all the macronutrients.

2. Ground Bone

Bone is a critical source of crucial nutrients, gut fibre, glucosamine and minerals like calcium and phosphorus, but also zinc, boron and copper and dozens of others. Bones provide fatty acids from their rich marrow. They also afford an incredibly nourishing nutrient combination for skin and bone health, joint mobility and digestion (leading to firmer stools and healthier gut).

3. Offal

Offal is the king of tissues in the body. Wild canines prize it before anything else in their kill. Also called variety meats, pluck, viscera or organ meats, organs are the body's work machines.

Our raw offal meal options include liver and kidney from beef, lamb, turkey, rabbit and chicken.

They are extra rich in macronutrients (fats, carbs and proteins), as well as micronutrients (vitamins D, B, K and A, for example). Iron, copper and magnesium are rich in offals.

4. Veggies (and Fruit)

Found naturally in the wild, a dog's evolutionary diet always included plants. Plants were eaten deliberately throughout evolution for belly-fill when food was short, or passively as gut contents slopped over organs and muscle tissue after the kill. A hungry wolf never says no to any food!

Packed full of phytonutrients (including essential plant minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and thousands of compounds we have yet to discover), plants provide our pets' essential building-blocks that may be unavailable from prey-animal tissue sources.

The ProDog Approach - Eight Helpful Ideas

At ProDog we artfully combine the four cornerstone foods above to provide simple complete diets to suit your dog.

We know some dogs need a bit more bone, some a little less offal, some can't tolerate certain proteins. Every dog is different, every dog is unique.

We have the answer!

We offer a comprehensive range of meals you can combine to find the perfectly balanced and complete diet. Here's how we do it:

1. How Much Offal? How Much Bone?

Here's our Opt-in and Opt-out offal options.

Our Complete formula minces and raw puppy food minces provide ranges with bone and organ content so you can easily tweak-up or tweak-down the overall levels to suit your dog's individual needs.

2. Progression, Not Perfection

Don't panic!

If your canine companion doesn't eat a meal with offal for a week, for example, that's ok. If her favourite option is our Pure meal without veggies, that's ok too. Both are still far, FAR better than eating kibble or other highly processed dog foods.

Don't get too caught up in exact ratios. That's our job. If you're feeding a variety of our meals in rotation, rest assured your dog will be getting all she needs. Ring us. We'll take you through it.

3. Our Pure Range

Our "Pure" 80:10:10 raw dog food range is 'whole prey' based recipes.

This means we've recreated a balance of ingredients a dog might eat in the wild in an 80:10:10 ratio:

  • 80% quality muscle meat
  • 10% fine-ground bone
  • 10% fresh offal

The Pure range is for owners who like to add their own stuff: veg, herb additions (also nuts, seeds, oils and superfoods - the options are endless!) to provide micronutrient (min and vit) content.

Alternatively, our Complete Range and Puppy Range have you covered. We do the balancing for you. We add veg, fruit and functional foods to save you the bother.

These easy, quality meals offer many offal-free and bone-free options to put you in control. Our nutrition team is happy to guide you if you have any queries. We love talking raw food.

4. Offal Recommendations

We recommend offal in your dog's diet*.

You don't need to feed offal in a precise percentage daily.

You can feed 10% offal daily or weekly, and, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to work it out:

Here's the science:

If you feed 10% of daily food weight as offal, good for you, you'll hit 10% every week, on the nose. If you don't feed offal 6 days a week, then you just have to make sure you feed 10% of that week's weight in food as offal on 'offal day'. Simples.

If you get stuck, ring us - we'll guide you all the way. It's easy.

Our Turkey, Beef with Offal and Lamb with Offal Complete options and all Pure options contain approx 10% offal. Our Puppy Chicken and Puppy Beef with Chicken also contain fresh offal.

We don't recommend feeding more than 10% offal in the overall diet. Some authors recommend up to 25% offal. Most prey animals (aka animals dog’s would eat in the wild) are about 25% offal, but single dogs/wolves/canids don't usually eat a whole sheep in one sitting, so if you've got a dog who likes or needs more, that's ok, too, but don't overdo it.)

*A very small number of dogs can't tolerate any offal of any type. If you've got one of these, check out our Complete Range, we have a number of offal free options.

5. About Bones

The average bone content across ALL of our meals is 10%.

We do offer a boneless option too: Beef with Green Tripe.

This super-delicious meal (to doggo) can be included if you need to dilute bone content. You might want to do this, for example, during late pregnancy, or just because this is what suits your dog's gastrointestinal tract.

We recommend (based on the prey-based theory) feeding an overall 5-15% bone ratio (average about 10%) in the diet. For example, if you’re trying to reduce bone, feeding Beef and Green Tripe for three days a week will reduce the overall bone to about 5% per week. Crafty, eh?

6. Raw Treats and Offal

For those dogs who won't eat offal raw, we also offer dehydrated offal treats (all dogs love dried tripe or liver!). Many customers use these as treats or training aids. Organ treats are counted as part of their weekly offal consumption, especially if doggo eats lots.

We also offer fantastic dehydrated pure meat treats if you don't want to give any more offal - we do our very best to offer every option your dog might need.

View our liver treats.

7. Other Exciting ProDog Raw Options

If your dog won't, or can't eat offal, our range of organic, botanical and nutraceutical supplements provide additional nutritional support where needed.

View dog supplements.

8. DEFRA and British Farm Assured

All of our meat, bone and offals are sourced from DEFRA, and British Farm Assured concerns.

We never buy-in any product from around the world.

'Farm Assured' is an accreditation that guarantees animal welfare, traceability, production methods, transport, and supply standards. Farmers are required to meet criteria that are over and above regular welfare legislation.

This means we can guarantee:

  • A mark of quality you can trust
  • We know the provenance of every single piece of meat we handle
  • Farmers work to enhanced welfare standards
  • Farmers as guardians of the countryside
  • The Union Jack flag in the logo, confirms your meat has been produced, grown, prepared and packed in the UK


The ProDog Raw aim is to feed the best quality diet possible, with ease and variability, specific to your dog

At ProDog Raw:

  • We avoid commercial, processed, synthetic diets
  • We enable you to feed your dog species-specific, fresh, natural food
  • You're making a choice to support your dog's optimal health wellbeing

The ProDog team are here to help. We're always on hand to assist with your questions on raw feeding your dog.
Raw feeding is our life-passion, give us a ring or drop us a line to share our enthusiasm!

Call us on 01482 274049 or send an email to [email protected].