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    For every product we design there are always two customers; you and your dog. So we strive to create products that encompass all the elements both of you need. Our aim is to put a smile on your face and cause incessant tail wagging each and every meal time (from your dog that is, although, feel free to join in). We’re proud to know we’re getting it right!

    Check out below what our two-legged AND four-legged customers have to say.

    Take a look at ProDog stories. In-depth articles from our community of raw food fuelled dogs and their hoomans. Find out the challenges, their journey and, best of all, the positive changes to health and well-being.

    09 Dec '20

    Protect Allergy Defence Product Trial August 2020 – The Results are in!

    At ProDog, we advocate natural raw feeding and have crafted a powerful supplement to aid with itch and allergies called Protect.
    04 Feb '21

    Raw feeding changed Kyoshi’s Life – Testimonial From Anneka Svenska

    Owner Anneka Svenska
    Dog Kyoshi
    Raw feeding changed Kyoshi’s Life My name’s Anneka Svenska, I work on TV with wolves and
    12 Feb '21

    Doggy Day Care Sees Huge Changes In Raw Fed Dogs

    Owner Katrina Leonard
    Dog Peaches, Ice and Bailey
    Our Family run business (Woof & Tales, in South Wales) is a home from home boarding home (no ken
    13 Jan '21

    Charlie & Riley’s Story

    Owner Charlie
    Dog Riley
    At ProDog, we see more rescue dogs than we would like. Not because we don’t like to see dogs but b
    11 Jan '21

    The Perfect Farm Dog Diet – Bryony Cole & Gus

    Owner Bryony Cole
    Dog Gus
    Trust me, it can be one hell of an eye-opener when you delve a little deeper into the nutrition your dog is receiving.
    09 Dec '20

    My Kind of Diet!

    Owner Francesca Gordon
    As a qualified veterinary nurse with 10 years of experience working in the veterinary science profession, I have tried and tested various diets including kibble, cooked and RAW diets.
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    The Raw Food Cause Needs You

    At ProDog, one of our core aims is to spread the gospel of raw! It’s vital we help more dog lovers know about the life-enhancing health benefits of feeding a fresh, natural diet and we aim to deliver this message loudly and as far as possible.

    Our mission is to help many more dogs thrive, with a target to assist 1 million dogs in switching to a raw food diet by 2024! But we need your help to do it…

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