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Did you know...

the single best thing you can do for my health is to drop the dry food and switch to a raw food diet?

Calling all big-hearteddog owners!

Our nation's dogs need your help...

One major, but simple thing, any dog owner can do to improve their beloved four-legged friend's health and happiness (and we're not talking a little improvement here, we're talking HUGE positive changes) is to provide a species-specific, fresh food diet and ditch the dry food.

Putting it very simply

Feed real food to dogs! We think dry dog food is not fresh, not nutritious, not healthy and not species-appropriate for carnivorous dogs! So, at ProDog we're starting a mission to raise awareness, educate and inspire dog owners everywhere to make a different choice for their doggo's bowl today!

Ditch The Dry is a national campaign, backed by experts, endorsed by some famous faces and designed to encourage you to be bold and try making the switch to a fresh, clean, natural raw diet.

Obesity and Diabetes

80% of dogs eat kibble

70% of dogs are obese

Obese dogs are more prone to Diabetes. Normalising weight is a common effect of raw feeding dogs.

Obese dogs can die up to 2 years earlier than trim littermates.

Why switch to raw? My dog seems ok eating dry food?

There's no doubt the canine species is resilient, and despite eating a diet which isn't providing the natural components they may actually need, they will adapt and survive for some time...... but there's a world of difference between surviving and thriving.

Did you know a dogs natural life span can be almost 30 years of age? Nowadays, we seem to get excited if a dog makes 10! Well, at ProDog we are determined to change this. #ditchthedry is a key initiative with one major ambition, to help the nation's dogs get what they deserve! To live life the way nature intended, in peak health and condition.


Study shows in dogs that developed cancer, 51% were fed a dry, processed diet.

Research findings like those of Thomas Sandberg's groundbreaking study. 18 years worth of data, having followed over 6000 dogs, over several years has shone a light on some inescapable facts. 51% of those dogs who developed cancer were fed commercial dog foods for long periods. In comparison, in the study very few dogs (only 3%) fed a natural, raw, whole food diet got cancer.

Dog's are anatomically designed to eat meat. Fact.

Feeding a fresh, natural, raw food diet is not a fad, it's not even a new concept! It's simply the original diet of the canine species; how nature intended dogs to eat. Dogs' digestive systems are perfectly designed to process the foods they would encounter in the wild; predominantly meat, organ and bone with a little vegetation from time to time. Dry dog food doesn't even come close to being species-specific (well perhaps if you are a bird).

Not only does it offer very little natural nutritional value to a dog, being often full of low grade, intensively processed ingredients, BUT it also can be DETRIMENTAL to a dog's HEALTH by causing inflammation and putting strain on vital organs, leading, in some cases, to a whole host of serious health conditions.

With stats such as:

  • 80% of dogs eat kibble.
  • 70% of dogs are overweight or obese
  • Obese dogs die up to 2 years earlier than their trim littermate

Now's the time to make a change, set a new standard and make more conscious choices on behalf of your dog's well-being. With stats like this, there's no doubt, they need you to fight their corner.

Skin Condition

Dry food can cause itchy skin. Raw food is proven to relieve it.

Feeding a bitch raw food when pregnant and puppies when young seems to have a protective effect against Canine Atopic Dermatitis, a 2020 study of 2236 dogs concluded.

We know making the shift to raw feeding may feel a little daunting, there are so many myths and misconceptions out there...

Perhaps you're worried that:

  • Raw feeding is difficult / dangerous
  • Raw feeding isn't safe
  • Raw feeding is expensive
  • Your vet doesn't advocate raw feeding
  • Or maybe you're dubious simply because it's just not what you're used to

Our #ditchthedry knowledge centre will be help you feel at ease....

You'll find all the answers you need. With valuable insights, science-based facts on raw feeding and practical support to transition from dry to raw feeding from vets, canine nutritionists, dog trainers, sport dog trainers, professional breeders, dog foster carers, holistic therapists and even some famous dog lovers you'll recognise:

Ready To Raw?

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Raw fed dogs are less flatulent and produce less offensive gas compared to kibble fed dogs.

Simply put, less rubbish being put into the body = less nastiness coming out the other other end as there are no wasted ingredients in raw meals.

The Science!

Encouraging you to #ditchthedry is firmly rooted in canine nutritional science and whilst the marketing myths of pet food corporations will promote a very different message, we advocate becoming a savvy dog owner and being open to learning the facts (some of them will blow your mind!)
‘Feeding Dogs’ by Dr Conor Brady is the most in-depth, balanced and insightful resource out there.

This is a book which explores every element of the raw v dry debate meticulously. Every topic supported with science based facts whilst also being entertaining and truly eye-opening. For the science geeks, raw feeding enthusiasts and truth seekers amongst you, this book is a must read.

Click here to buy your copy....

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Hear from our doggo experts

Our doggo health experts are here to help you improve your dog's health and raise awareness about the negative impact dry dog food has on your best friend's health.

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Dr. Nick Thompson - The Holistic Vet

BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS: the UK’s leading expert in natural veterinary care for pets. Practising vet, animal nutritional, consultant and writer, Dr. Nick Thompson has dedicated his life to the study and practice of animal health care, the natural way.

Anneka Svenska - Naturalist, broadcaster and film maker

Specialist in: wolves, wildlife crime and wildlife conservation. As a Canid expert, wolf enthusiast and handler, Anneka has intertwined her love for animals and wildlife with her broadcast and film making skills. She hosts 'Animal Watch' her own online show via Youtube, features regularly as a guest expert on many mainstream tv shows, as well as producing over 200 films and documentaries giving a voice to animal welfare charities and highlighting ecological and wildlife conservation issues.

Caroline Griffith - Pet Industry Nutrition Consultant & Author

Specialist nutrition consultant. Nutrition trainer and teacher for pet dog owners and vets and veterinary nurses at the Royal Veterinary College, British Vet Nurse Association and many Agricultural colleges UK wide.

Gut health

A Raw diet leads to better overall health for our dogs

Research evidence shows that feeding a raw diet to dogs when compared to an extruded diet can significantly enhance the metabolic and bacterial markers associated with good microbiome health; leading to better overall health for our dogs.

Not a ProDog Customer? No Problem!

Whether you make your move to raw with ProDog, another brand of raw food or even make your own at home, we want you to feel confident, educated and inspired to shout about it and seek the guidance you need from our ditch the dry knowledge centre.

We intend to inspire a change in the nation's dog feeding habits. Commercial pet food brands and huge corporations, with immense advertising power, have cornered the market for decades. The most upsetting thing for us, is that the fundamental needs of the most important customers of all, the dogs, do not seem to be a priority. With your help, we can change that!

Join us, become a dog well-being rock-star, RAWbel against the norm and shout about the changes you're making

  • Share the #ditchthedry on your social media
  • Talk about the change you're making with your nearest and dearest
  • Share #ditchthedry knowledge centre with other dog owners

Let's create a happy, healthy, dog ripple effect, and inspire the move toward helping our dogs live the way nature intended together.