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ProDog Raw is a raw dog food online delivery service. An exceptional brand offering superior quality and an innovative menu for a natural (BARF) raw dog food diet. We deliver cutting edge canine nutrition. All of our recipes have been expertly formulated and are proven by results. There are so many dogs that are already benefitting from our ProDog Raw expertise, discover the difference for yourself…starting today!

Unlike some other raw dog food brands, all of our meat is premium human grade quality, DEFRA approved, as well as Red Tractor certified meaning we only source our meat from ethically managed UK farms. We are even endorsed by veterinary professionals and are delighted to work alongside the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

At ProDog Raw, we are proud to offer only RAW food. Absolutely nothing is added, nothing is processed and nothing is unnatural. Our BARF raw dog food is as clean and close to nature as raw feeding gets! We have worked tirelessly to provide customers with the very best in our range of puppy, pure and complete raw dog food and we refuse to include industry standard fillers that are found in many other raw dog food brands. Each of our carefully selected ingredients offer exceptional health benefits to your dog being packed full outstanding nutritional value. All of our food is handmade in the UK.

Once you place your order you will receive our next day, raw dog food delivery service, which conveniently transports our food right to your door. Simply place your order with us and we will ensure your frozen raw meals arrive the following day, carefully packaged in thermo boxes, keeping your order in perfect condition until you can unpack and store in line with our recommended raw dog food storage guidelines.

We are confident the results you can expect from a ProDog Raw diet will speak for themselves. Order today and begin your ProDog journey! If you want the edge for your working dog, join the ProDog Raw revolution and feed them the very best raw dog food. If you are seeking optimum physique, health and performance, look no further. You have found the food of the future.


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Did you know all of our meat is sourced from a company that is Red Tractor Approved?
Red Tractor takes animal welfare very seriously, they require their farmers to meet a number of standards that are over and above regular legislation.
And why do we use it?
The Red Tractor logo is a mark of good quality food you can trust
They know where every single piece of meat comes from
The Red Tractor farmers care about their animals
Red Tractor farmers care about the countryside
The union jack flag in the logo confirms your meat has been born, grown, prepared and packed in the UK

Wet Food

It couldn’t be easier to get the great benefits of the dog food supplement ProDog for your dog. Follow these 4 easy steps:
    Place the normal amount of wet or raw dog food in your dogs favourite bowl
    Add 1 or 2 scoops of the ProDog Nutrition supplement according to the weight of your dog (full instructions are on the side of the ProDog tub). If you are using more than one ProDog Nutrition supplement, add the second scoop as well
    Stir the ingredients together until most of the supplement(s) is dissolved
    Feed! And watch your dog wolf down the delicious mixture
It really is that simple. As well as all the benefits for your dogs’ coat, joints, weight and muscle – ProDog’s professionally formulated supplement, to human consumption grade, is formulated to be attractive to dogs – they just love ProDog!

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