Yaks Milk Chew Bar For Dogs


Yaks Milk Chew Bar For Dogs


Our yak chews for dogs are long lasting, 100% natural and tasty. Yak bars are a unique Himalayan recipe originally made for humans to eat. Available in approx 7 inch size so perfect for any dogs from Dachshund to Danes! Designed to provide enrichment amusement; gnawing is known to stimulate cognition and care for teeth and gums. One of our dental sticks for dogs.

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Description & Ingredients

Part of our natural dog treats range. Our yak chews for dogs are 100% natural, healthy, doglicious and gently smoke dried to maintain excellent nutritional value. Absolutely zero chemicals, additives and preservatives.

These yaks milk dog chews are made predominantly from Yak’s milk; with a little cow’s milk, lime juice and salt thrown in to stimulate coagulation (hardening). The mixture is then compressed and smoke dried for 28 day. Less than 1% lactose, the cream and whey are removed to create a chew that is kind to the canine digestive system. This tasty treat will satisfy even the fussiest dogs. Depending how much of a power-chewer your dog is (and the size of their gnashers) this treat can be super long lasting.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Crude Protein 62.4%

Oils and Fats 18%

Crude Fibre 1%

Moisture 14.3%

Crude Ash 5.3%


Why choose yak bars for dogs

  • Beneficial to dental hygiene
  • Alternative rich protein source
  • Created using healthful, traditional Himalayan methods
  • A long lasting treat option
  • Easily digested, less than 1% lactose

Feeding Guide

  • Suitable for all dogs 16 weeks +
  • All dogs should be supervised when given treats and chews to eat
  • Treats should be calculated as part of the dog’s daily food allowance
  • Always ensure there is fresh water available
  • Remove broken morsels to prevent choking, microwave for 1 min and allow to cool to create a scrumptious marshmallow textured dog treat. 



Yaks Milk Chew Bar For Dogs