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As breeders and dog lovers, you will want to ensure that you are feeding your dogs the absolute best.
For breeders rearing puppies, starting them on a raw diet from the beginning means that they will be in optimum condition ready to meet their new owners full of vitality and brimming with health.

The ProDog Raw range is available in adult and puppy formats, both formulated to deliver everything a dog needs. If you want to receive the benefits of buying in bulk for your dogs and their puppies then our trade accounts offer discounts for larger orders.

Join us in helping to spread the gospel of raw. As the fastest growing dog food sector seize this opportunity to grow your customer base now and stock what we believe to be the finest raw food available.

If you are a breeder then please contact us to discuss in more detail.

For more enquiries reach us at:
Tel: 01482 273888

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