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How Can I Help My Dog With Kidney Disease?

Why Is My Dog Eating Grass & Weeds – Are They Safe?

4 May '21


Acid Reflux, Bilious Vomiting, Fasting and Hunger Pukes in Dogs

Heidi at Prodog Raw is a real research hound. She’s asked me to gather information on Acid Reflux in dogs. They are getting a lot of enquiries about this issue from people feeding kibble. Looking around the internet, there’s loads of info on it, as there is for every possible thing you can imagine. There’s […]

5 Mar '21


Anal Glands & Raw Food

Anal glands; dogs have them; we don’t. Why? What do they do? Why do they cause problems? What can we do to help them help themselves? Does feeding a raw food diet help? What are Anal Glands? Anal glands are two small pouches of watery to sticky material that exists just inside the anus of […]

5 Mar '21


Constipation in the Dog and How Raw Helps

Constipation, if you look it up in the Oxford Languages dictionary, is ‘a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels, usually associated with hardened faeces’. Interesting! Therefore today, we’re looking at reasons the kibble fed dog might get hard faeces (stools) and how real raw food can help. There Are Many Conditions […]

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