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Are Dog Supplements Necessary? Studies Say Yes!

Many caring owners may wonder, are dog supplements necessary? A valid question. Our experts answer it for you. This article explains why dog supplements are so helpful and lists some of the most recent scientific studies for further reading.

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Are Dog Supplements Necessary? Studies Say Yes!

Are dog supplements necessary?

Whilst feeding a balanced raw diet like our Complete raw meals greatly contributes to dogs’ wellbeing, sometimes they require a little extra dietary support.

Here are some examples of the ways dog supplements can be helpful, don’t miss our dog supplement reviews and article about their benefits too:

Special dietary needs

Some dogs have special dietary requirements which mean they may be missing out on vital nutrients.

Dogs with sensitivities or allergies to particular proteins, or those unable to eat high purine foods such as Dalmatians may not be getting all the nourishment they need to thrive.

Offal is high-purine, so not safe to feed to some Dalmatians, but it is also rich in important vitamins and minerals.

Adding a natural dog supplement such as ProDog’s Boost to their meals can help to bridge the nutritional gap in a dog-friendly, plant-based form.

Joint health

Joint and mobility issues can present in various situations, such as obesity, age, and genetic conditions. Our joint supplements provide specific nutrient support for healthy joints, contributing to dogs’ mobility and overall quality of life.

Skin health

Skin irritation, itchiness, and inflammation often result from poor gut health and inadequate nutrient absorption.

ProDog’s probiotic supplements work to balance your dog’s gut microbiome, calming their histamine response and resolving their skin concerns at the root.

Our skin and coat supplements deliver key vitamins and minerals to enrich your dog’s external condition.

Immune health

The immune system plays a pivotal role in allergy symptoms. Many dogs can be prone to allergies and sensitivities and their various uncomfortable symptoms.

Our allergy supplements provide essential nutrients to help dogs’ gut microbiomes and immune systems function optimally, contributing to reduced allergies and discomfort.

The immune system is at the centre of overall health. With approximately 80% of the immune system housed within the gut, the gut environment is key to optimal functioning of the body’s key systems.

A balanced gut microbiome is therefore of great importance; whilst optimal digestive function allows nutrients to be effectively absorbed.

Dogs find effective support for tummy troubles (and other resulting issues) with the powerful nutrients in ProDog’s digestion supplements, and our probiotics help to maintain a healthy gut environment.


Injuries, operations, illnesses, high intensity activity and pregnancy can leave dogs feeling exhausted and possibly unwell.

The support of nutrient-dense ingredients in our recovery supplements makes a huge difference in the speed and effectiveness of their recovery, helping them to feel like their old selves again.

For working dogs with high demand daily lives, our recovery supplements can aid energy replenishment and fuel performance.

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What are dog supplements?

Dog supplement studies

There are many dog supplement studies being conducted all the time, helping to inform dog owners of the nutritional science behind how supplements contribute to their dogs’ wellbeing.

Here are a few that explain more about the efficacy of dog supplements:

Skin health supplement studies

This 2021 study discusses the impact that gut microbiota have on immune function, chronic diseases, skin conditions, and gut health, whilst demonstrating the positive effects of probiotics [1].

To demonstrate the effects of diet on Atopic dermatitis in dogs, this 2019 study fed a nutrient-rich food blend to trial dogs with positive results. The food included ingredients commonly found in dog supplements [2].

Joint health supplement studies

This 2019 study tested a nutritional supplement to determine its effects on canine joint health. The findings included significantly positive results on osteoarthritis markers [3].

In another 2019 osteoarthritis study, a nutritional supplement was used to determine its effects on inflammatory biomarkers. Dogs in the test group showed significant improvement [4].

Meanwhile the dietary effects of curcumin (a key ingredient in ProDog’s Flexx supplement) were explored in this 2012 study. The summary concluded the anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin benefited dogs with osteoarthritis [5].

Behavioural health supplement studies

In a 2022 study, a trial was performed to assess the effects of probiotics on canine behaviour. Results showed a positive impact on both separation anxiety and aggression [6].

Another canine behavioural health study from 2018 tested supplementation as a measure against anxiety-related behaviours in dogs. The nutrient combination proved effective in decreasing several of these [7].

In 2016, a study was conducted to measure the effects of fish oil and probiotic supplementation on dogs’ stress responses and anxiety-related behaviours. The results showed this type of dietary support reduced the stress response in anxiety-prone dogs [8].

Ageing/brain health supplement studies

This 2021 study tested the effects of nutritional therapy on cognitive decline in senior dogs. Each of the various therapies tested produced positive changes in senior dogs diagnosed with cognitive dysfunction syndrome [9].

Senior cognitive decline was also the subject of this 2019 study. By supplementing with various nutrients, dogs saw significant improvements in their cognitive functioning [10].

Recovery/energy supplement studies

A 2023 study tested the role of a nutritional supplement in iron absorption. Results showed improved bioavailability to dogs when ingested, positively impacting their energy levels [11].

A recovery supplement had positive effects on police drug detection dogs in this 2019 study. The results showed significantly reduced heart rate recovery time and decreased muscle damage from demanding physical exercise [12].

In a 2015 study, nutritional supplements were tested for effects on exercise tolerance in a group of search and rescue dogs. Results showed reduced heart and respiratory rate recovery times and lower thermal load (energy expenditure) when performing the required exercises [13].

Gut health supplement studies

This study from 2022 tested potential health benefits of supplements on breeding dogs. The test supplement positively impacted the gut environment and stress levels of the trial dogs [14].

Another canine nutrition study in 2021 found that nutritional supplements were significantly helpful in enhancing gut health and immune response in dogs [15].

Liver health supplement studies

Several nutraceuticals were used in this 2022 study, which found that phytotherapy positively impacted both liver compromised and healthy dogs’ livers [16].

This 2021 study tested the impact of nutrition on rare liver disorders in dogs. Findings showed that supplements significantly improved a condition that is almost always fatal [17].

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Supplements provide essential nutrients for dogs’ wellbeing

It’s obvious that supplements provide a plethora of health benefits for dogs.

Our dog supplements are created using natural, whole food sources, providing them with species-appropriate nutrition and helping you feel even better about supporting your best friend.

As always, feel free to reach out with any queries you have regarding supplements or raw food. Our expert feeding advisors are happy to help!

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