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What Are the Benefits of Dog Supplements?

The benefits of dog supplements are far reaching; their nutrient content provides support across various areas of canine health. This article discusses the parts of the body and the health issues that dog supplements support.

New to the concept of supplements? Our guide What are dog supplements? is a great place to start.

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What Are the Benefits of Dog Supplements?

Dog lovers everywhere are becoming more aware of the impact nutrition has on the health of their canine friends.

Aside from feeding a natural, raw food diet, people are also interested in boosting their dogs’ meals with the additional vitamins and minerals found in dog supplements.

What parts of the body can dog supplements support? Let’s look into this in more detail.

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Supporting digestion

Digestive issues often lead to various other health concerns, as 80% of immunity resides within the gut [1].

Supplements can help dogs with diarrhoea and other digestive issues by providing key nutrients that help to create a balanced nutritional profile, thus stimulating a healthy gut environment.

Our digestive support supplements offer support for many dog’s gut health needs.

Digestive supplements can help

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Joint and mobility support

An imbalanced gut encourages inflammation which can affect joints, ligaments, and bones [2].

Natural supplements can help to maintain a healthy gut environment, thereby decreasing inflammation, whilst the lubricating ingredients support joint mobility.

The key ingredient benefits of ProDog’s joint supplements for dogs include glucosamine, chondroitin and chlorella, for healthy joints, bones, and ligaments.

Helping with allergies

Gut and immune health are intrinsically linked, which is why nutritional support is so helpful in resolving various allergies in dogs.

Our allergy supplements help dogs with allergies by helping to maintain a balanced immune response to the offending stimuli.

This tackles allergies at the root, providing dogs with more effective, longer lasting support through natural antihistamines and improved gut health.

Improving coat quality

black dog with a shiny coat showing the benefits of dog supplements

Dogs’ coat condition may not be at its best for many reasons. Often imbalanced gut bacteria affects dogs systemically, resulting in (amongst many things), dull, smelly coats and inflamed, irritated, itchy skin [3].

Providing dietary gut support in the form of our colostrum supplement can aid overall gut health.

Adding in a vitamin and mineral rich supplement too, such as our skin and coat supplements can benefit dogs’ health from the inside, resulting in noticeable improvements on the outside.

Muscle strength

Muscle health and strength are essential for dogs’ movement and activity.

ProDog’s muscle supplements support healthy muscle gain with powerful natural nutrients, assisting in repairing and rebuilding lost muscle mass, muscle recovery, and maintaining muscle definition.

Improving performance

Additional dietary support is fantastic for working and sporting dogs; aiding in their endurance, strength, and recovery.

Our performance supplements include natural, whole food ingredients that provide dogs with the energy, stamina, and vitality they need to maintain their active lifestyles

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Overall health boost

Providing the right balance of nutrients in their diet is the best way to ensure healthy, happy dogs, making supplements a helpful tool for their quality of life.

Our vitamin and mineral supplements are the perfect way to enrich any dog’s diet through carefully selected, whole food ingredients, contributing to their optimal health.

6 benefits of bone broth

pack shot of beef Bone broth for dogs

Bone broth is one of nature’s simplest food supplements; enriching for the gut, it greatly supports dogs’ overall health and wellbeing.

Our Bone Broths are rich with vital vitamins and minerals and naturally delicious! Here are a few of the benefits of bone broth for dogs:

1) Digestive health

Thanks to its abundance of naturally-occurring collagen, bone broth strengthens and helps to maintain the gut lining, whilst promoting a preferable environment for good gut bacteria to thrive.

2) Joint health

The high content of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin found in bone broth lubricates and helps to reduce inflammation within joints, whilst the minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, promote healthy bones and mobility.

3) Liver support

Bone broth is rich in glycine; an amino acid that the liver requires to perform its detoxification process [4]. Feeding bone broth allows your dog’s liver to remain healthy by supplying it with what it needs to function optimally.

4) Kidney function

Dehydration is the enemy of healthy kidneys. Eliminating toxins from your dog’s body is much easier for kidneys that are adequately hydrated and nourished; both of which are accomplished when feeding bone broth.

Adding specific herbs to bone broth can also aid the kidney and liver in their detox duties. Try our Dandelion and Nettle Beef Bone Broth for a tonic infused with nature’s best.

5) Transitioning to a raw diet

Digestive upset can occur when changing dogs’ food, so feeding bone broth during these times can help them maintain electrolyte balance.

Its gut soothing properties are also helpful, allowing your dog to transition to a healthier diet with minimal adverse effects. Read more about switching to a raw dog food diet.

6) When they’re unwell

When dogs are ill, they’re usually less inclined to eat. Warmed bone broth is a great addition to give as a drink, and can even be syringed into the dog’s mouth to help keep them hydrated; providing nutrients that support recuperation.

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Supplements are naturally beneficial to dogs

There are multiple ways that supplements can benefit your dog’s health.

From specific health issues to preventative care and general health, adding nutrient-dense, natural supplements to your dog’s diet provides extra dietary reinforcement that supports healthy, happy dogs.

Reach out to our expert feeding advisors for helpful guidance in choosing the right supplements for your dog.

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