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How To Use ProDog Supplements | FAQs

It’s important that dog lovers know exactly how to use dog supplements. Part of our introducing supplements series, this article explains how to use dog supplements correctly, so that your dog can enjoy the maximum health benefits.

Author: ProDog Raw

How To Use ProDog Supplements | FAQs

Using supplements correctly ensures that your dog gets the right combination of nutrients they need, as well as preventing any spoilage, accidental overuse, or other potential mishaps from occurring.

Dog supplements are a fantastic way to add nutritional value to your dog’s diet, whether you feed raw or kibble.

They’re concentrated boosts of powerful nutrients designed to support your dog’s health in areas where they may need a little extra help.

Created with species-appropriate, whole food ingredients, dog supplements can prove helpful for a wide variety of health conditions or to simply ensure that your dog is getting all the essential nutrients they need for optimal health.

Let’s look into how to use them below.

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How to store dog supplements

For maximum benefit and to ensure they stay fresh and usable within the duration of their shelf life, our dog supplements should be stored in a dry cupboard, away from heat and sunlight; just as any of your human vitamins or supplements are stored.

It’s important to remember that high shelves (or child/puppy locks) are ideal if you have children or cheeky animals at home, to avoid any accidental ingestion or overdose.

A separate shelf or small cupboard may be necessary to prevent any confusion with your own products, as it’s not a good idea to give these to dogs.

However, our labelling is brightly coloured and clearly displays that the contents are a product for dogs, so the risk of any confusion happening is minimal.

About our dog supplement packaging

Dog Skin & Coat Supplements

Our packaging is easily identifiable as a dog supplement.

We’ve chosen dedicated colour schemes for each supplement so they are easily distinguishable, and the clear usage instructions promote ease of use.

To ensure your dog enjoys the nutritional benefits of every last serving and prevent landfill waste, each supplement arrives in a biodegradable bag, tightly sealed in a fully recyclable cardboard tub.

The environmentally-friendly, cardboard design helps us to decrease our carbon footprint and allows you to contribute to the planet in a positive way, all whilst you promote the health and wellbeing of your dog.

How long do dog supplements last?

Each of our dog supplements come with pre-measured serving scoops. The serving measure guidance, for the size and weight of your dog, are supplied on the packaging.

These guidelines allow you to give your dog the correct amount of supplement as per their body weight.

Each supplement blend contains different types of beneficial nutrients, therefore the daily amount can differ between our various supplements.

Also, this means the amount of servings in each supplement container varies. For example, our Boost supplement contains 60 one-scoop servings, whereas Protect has 100.

Depending on your dog’s weight, you may give more or less than one scoop daily; if their serving size is exactly one scoop, the amount of servings is the number of days your dog’s supplement will last.

Once opened, we do advise that these are stored correctly, and used within 6 months, as we do not use any artificial preservatives to prolong shelf life.

Can dog supplements go off?

As with anything made with whole food ingredients, there is usually an expiration date. This is because whole foods are natural substances that are subject to decomposition after a period of time.

Our dog supplements are designed to last through to the end of their expiration date (this will generally be several months) without the use of any preservatives, chemicals, or anything artificial.

However, if dog supplements are opened, left unused, exposed to air, heat, or left open for a prolonged period, they can become difficult to use and do have the potential to go off.

If you’re closing your dog’s supplement containers properly, storing them properly (see above), and using them regularly, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Always contact us for advice if you’re concerned about dog supplement spoilage.

How to use dog supplements for maximum benefits

Dog supplements can be used with ease. Taking a few simple facts into account to receive maximum benefit will soon become second nature.

Paying attention to storage guidelines, reading labels and feeding guides carefully, and ensuring to close containers properly are all easy enough to do.

Our dog supplements are designed to provide optimum levels of essential nutrients to your dog, sourced from the most natural, species-appropriate ingredients.

Feeding guides, dedicated scoops, and expiration dates all come standard with each of our nutrient blends, allowing you to improve your dog’s health naturally, and with minimal effort.

Introducing supplements

To learn more about how to introduce supplements to your dog's diet, check out our how-to guide.
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Fred Robson

How do I know how much I need to feed my dog? She’s a Staffie cross and weighs about 30kilo She gets some exercise, not much at the moment as I had a stroke and I am in recovery.She is about the size of a Beagle.At the moment I feed her Butter Box 600 gram pouches but she is not very good with it but eats it as she is fed nothing else.I notice yours are 500-gram portions, is this enough or will I need to feed more?

Sandy Staub

I haven’t got a serving scoop. How can I measure 1/2 scoop (i.e. tea spoon)?

Alison Frost

Hi Sandy
Have you got a fork and checked in the powder, as usually in transit it will have been buried further down into the powder

If you can check that would be helpful. If not please email [email protected] and detail which supplement you are using. Hope that helps

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