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Vets & Veterinarians blogs from ProDog Raw there is so much information here relating to Vets & Veterinarians for your dogs health, dogs needs and nutrition which should help and guide you and your dog.

16 Feb '21


Vets and Raw Feeding

When discussing a raw dog food diet for your dog with your vet, you may find that you get a mixed response. While some vets advocate this natural choice as the best way to feed your dog, there are others who aren’t so keen. While more and more people are turning to a raw diet […]

11 Dec '20


Three Reasons I Distrust Dog Food Corporations

Nutrition Research is Often Bogus Dr Ben Goldacre, in his 2013 book ‘Bad Pharma’, massacres fifty years of tampered human drug trials. In it, he says: ‘How do industry-sponsored trials almost always manage to get a positive result? It is, as far as anyone can be certain, a combination of factors. It may be that […]

9 Dec '20


Bacteria In The Bowl…

  Bacteria in the Bowl are a Fraction of All The Bugs in a Dog’s Life Death, Destruction and Damnation Salmonella! E.coli! Listeria! Parasites! Death, destruction and damnation. These are the guaranteed cries of people uneducated and inexperienced in feeding dogs raw food. Fear, fear and more fear is all they can teach. We all […]

7 Dec '20


Hunger, Fasting & Once A Day Feeding

These are frequently discussed topics in raw food circles. Let’s take a look at the logic of how and when to feed.

8 Nov '20


Help! My Dog has Diarrhoea. What Can I Do? Part 2

Why do dogs get long-term loose stools? Well, it can be due to genetic factors, infection, poor liver or pancreatic function, disturbed microbiome from prescription drugs and antibiotics or from unknown inflammatory changes in the gut.

8 Nov '20


Help! My Dog has Diarrhoea. What Can I Do? Part 1

Acute diarrhoea, if not too bad, is pretty common. If the dog has raided the bins or eaten the wrong food, most owners are familiar with mild, self-limiting squidgy poos.