Switch to Raw Dog Food

Transition To Raw

For those who are looking to change their dog to a raw diet, you may be wondering how to make the switch. For most dogs, it is very simple. You fast the dog for a day and then introduce the new food. This is known as the rapid switch and is only suitable for young dogs or those with a normal gastrointestinal system.

For those dogs that aren’t suited to the rapid switch then there is an alternative. The slow switch can take anything between 1-4 weeks, however most people transition over 7 to 10 days. During this transitional phase, we recommend introducing one meal of raw, then maintaining a second meal of the original food. Please note it is not ideal to mix dry feed with raw in the same meal due to different digestion periods.

An alternative is to introduce green tripe as part of the rapid switch. Fast for a day and then only feed them raw green tripe. It is very easy for a dog to digest and contains all of the nutrients that they require.

Possible outcomes of switching to raw

Many dogs make the switch to raw without any noticeable effects however the following can occur:

Refusing to eat

if the dog refuses the raw meal when you put it down, don’t worry. This can happen when introducing a new food with a new smell and texture. Don’t give up! A dog can survive without any ill effects with no food for a week. Put the food down and if they don’t eat, lift it after 15-20 minutes and refrigerate, then try again at the next meal time. Keep trying until they eat it. Don’t be tempted to feed anything else especially treats! If a refusal lasts for longer than 48 hours, please call one of the team.


If your dog regurgitates their food then don’t be alarmed. This is a natural process that occurs because the dog was expecting their normal diet and has prepared the wrong stomach enzymes for digestion. They will usually eat it again once regurgitated which, while not the most pleasant of things to witness, is also perfectly normal. This can also be caused by dogs eating their raw too fast so consider a slow feeder bowl to slow them down. Another possible reaction is runny stools for a day or so as they start to detox the elements of their former processed diet/adapt to the change. Again, this will right itself as your dogs’ gut adjusts to the new diet.

Weight loss

There are a few reasons why a dog can lose weight when switching to a raw diet. It can be that they are not receiving enough food which will simply be rectified by increasing the amount you give them or that their system is not used to processing and digesting the new food. Try a different switching technique if this happens. Also, at times dogs initially lose the water content they hold from stopping a carbohydrate-rich diet (kibble). This appears to look like a sudden drop in weight and a trimmer waist line appearing. This is due to water loss so don’t be alarmed and trust the feeding guides.

Questions & Answers

As with any element of raw feeding, the team at ProDog Raw are experts in canine nutrition and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Simply get in touch and we will be happy to help.