Kiki Body Biotics
Soil Based Probiotic For Dogs


Kiki Body Biotics
Soil Based Probiotic For Dogs


RANGE: DOG PROBIOTICS. A specialist soil based probiotic for dogs formulated by Kiki Health containing eight strains of highly beneficial bacteria from soil based sources. This probiotic blend provides a simple and effective way to maintain a healthy gut environment, ensuring your dog’s wellbeing is supported at the root, a fantastic daily addition to a raw diet for dogs.

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What is Body Biotics?

A blend of eight symbiotic friendly bacteria super-strains. The bacterial cultures in this formula are naturally dehydrated (not freeze-dried), this process renders them dormant, once ingested they are activated and rapidly populate the intestine.

Body Biotics is the perfect follow on supplement from Animotics Probiotic Paste for Dogs, a stand alone beneficial bacteria 30-day boost or it can also be integrated into a dog’s diet for long term microbiome balance. Safe to give daily for life.  

*Please note, each individual will experience a variation in the multiplication of the organisms therefore the CFU (colony forming unit) amount can not be listed on the label.

Body Biotics contains No artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers.

Naturally free from gluten and wheat.

Body Biotics can be used in combination with ProDog Muscle+, ProDog Maximus, ProDog Shine, ProDog Digest, Prodog Boost, ProDog Revive and ProDog Flexx.

Free From Added Sugars or E Numbers

Free From Added Sugars or E Numbers

Zero Nasties

Zero Nasties

No Synthetic Enhancers

No Synthetic Enhancers


Body Biotics Helps Your Dog

This powerful gut reinforcing soil based probiotic for dogs delivers 5 key benefits:



The microbiome, or gut flora, is the term used to describe the combination of microorganisms (bacteria) that occupy the gut, and influence many vital functions of the body. Maintaining a healthy balance of friendly bacteria is vital to overall health, and this highly effective probiotic supports this process.

Immune System


The microbiome shapes your dog’s immune system. Because this powerful probiotic champions the microbiome, in turn it helps to support the integrity of the immune system.


Nutrient Absorption

The balance of microbiome in the gut impacts the overall gut environment and the digestive system’s ability to absorb nutrients from food. The beneficial bacteria in this probiotic blend helps to maintain microbiome balance, and in turn, aids digestion, nutrient metabolism and absorption.



Energy and vitality depends on the body metabolising its fuel source. In order to ensure food is converted to energy the digestive system and microbiome need to operate effectively. The influx of beneficial bacteria Body Biotics delivers will support functionality of this process.

How it helps your dog



It’s widely known that the condition of the gut microbiome  impacts mood and cognitive function. There is a direct link between the gut and brain (gut/brain axis)and with more than 50% of calming, good mood natural chemicals (such as serotonin) created in your dog’s gut, it’s no surprise that a healthy internal environment support improved mood and behaviour. 

Who is Body Biotics for?

Body Biotics are beneficial for ALL dogs, regardless of breed or size. Particularly helpful to assist dogs who are switching diet or support after antibiotic use. This probiotic can be used daily as a beneficial bacteria boost or as part of your dog's daily diet over the long term. A safe daily use probiotic supplement, Body Biotics is the perfect follow up supplement to use after the more intensive Animotics Probiotic Paste


Natural Ingredients

Each capsule (400mg) contains the following:

Hypromellose (capsule shell)

Hypromellose (capsule shell)

Vegetarian and vegan friendly capsule, made from the fibres of plants and wood pulp. Tasteless, odourless, and colourless


Beneficial Bacteria (8 Strains)

Beneficial Bacteria (8 Strains)

Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus licheniformis 

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Lactobacillus Casei

Lactobacillus Plantarum & Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

Lactococcus Lactis

Bifidobacterium Bifidum


Feeding Guide

One container = 30 capsules

Important Information

  • Do not use alongside Animonics Probiotic Paste or any other probiotic supplement
  • Can also be consumed by humans

*Body Biotics is a natural product; overdose is not dangerous but may cause bowel irregularities

Recommended Intake

Follow directions on the bottle for humans or as follows for dogs 

Dogs up to 10kg: 1 capsule per day

10kg – 30kg: 1-2 capsules per day

30kg plus: 2- 3 capsules per day

How To Feed

For best results feed capsules whole with liquid, or disguised in the smallest amount of meat based food possible

For dogs who won’t swallow whole, open the capsule and sprinkle over wet food

If the above recommendations are not possible and it is necessary for you to feed with dry food,  please ensure liquid is added to the meal


Reviews of our soil based probiotic for dogs

Kiki Body Biotics
Soil Based Probiotic For Dogs