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Choosing A New Vet

Author: ProDog Raw

Choosing A New Vet

You might be a new dog owner or have moved home. For whatever reason, finding a vet is a process that should take some consideration. First, think carefully about what you want from your vet. It is a lot less stressful for you if you feel comfortable talking to them and know that they are supportive and non-judgmental. A trustworthy vet must be accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Check Out Reviews

Search online for surgeries near you and read reviews and forums where others candidly share their experiences. Ask local dog owners for recommendations, as well as dog walkers that you meet, the dog shop owner, the dog sitter.

When you have decided on a few local vets, drop into their surgeries to gauge the feel of the places as they operate in ‘real life’.

How many patients are there and how are they treated? Is it easy to identify the roles of different staff, are they wearing name badges? Is there a price list on show and is it comprehensive and easy to understand what you get for your money? Is the waiting room pleasant, easy to access and clean?

Ask Questions

Once you have checked out these, approach a member of staff and ask them some questions. Ask about what matters to you. Here are some ideas. How many vets are at the practice, what are their specialisms? What facilities are there? What happens if there is an emergency and who will look after my dog if he has to stay overnight? What do they feel about raw feeding? Are there any vets that practice holistic medicine here? The answers that you get to these questions and the way that they meet your approach will help you decide whether you’d want to bring your dog to this surgery.

Choose a Vet that Understands Your Dog’s Needs

It doesn’t have to be a family vet or the nearest one to you. The right vet is the one that you and your dog feel relaxed about seeing. He is someone that understands your dog and has his best interests at heart. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

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I like that this article talks about looking online and reading reviews and forums in order to find a vet nearby that provides great service. If you check online forums, you’d probably want to see if you can contact any of the people who have gone to the clinic to see if you can get more information or have your questions answered. Visiting the clinic in person could be useful as well since you could talk to the staff, vet, or even some of the patients you meet in person to learn about their experience and see how the dogs interact with the doctors.

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