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How Can I Boost My Dogs Energy?

Author: ProDog Raw

How Can I Boost My Dogs Energy?

If your dog seems tired, lethargic or lacking in their usual spark and vitality, you may be questioning “how can I boost my dogs energy?”. Firstly, it is important that you remain alert to any changes in their behaviour or demeanour. While your dog may be recovering from illness or an operation or injury, decreased energy levels and sluggishness may also indicate metabolic conditions or circulatory diseases which should be followed up by visits to you vet. Equally, such signs of fatigue may be caused by dietary deficiencies which can be resolved by feeding better food and additional nutritional supplements. Once your vet has been able to confirm that your dog is healthy, your first step should be ensuring that he or she has access to a biologically appropriate natural diet like raw (BARF). A healthy and balanced diet is integral to maintaining a dog’s energy levels and indeed supporting an efficient recovery from demands such as rigorous exercise, or illness.

The Right Nutrition to Boost Energy in Dogs

If you have an active dog then what you feed them is of the utmost importance. You should be feeding them not only according to the levels of energy they are expending normally but also consider other extra nutrition that might be required for them to work, train and perform at their best, for a sustained period. And we’ve written an extensive list of food your dog can eat to help with this.

Having enough energy to perform in the first place is one thing but to ensure a dog’s ability to work, train or perform consistently, perhaps even over consecutive days, you need to consider what you give them post exercise to help replace what they have lost through that physical activity. To accomplish a fast recovery and replenish lost energy, a dogs diet will primarily need the right levels of protein and fats along with other added key nutrients.

The Right Training Schedule

In addition to the correct nutrition, establishing a proper exercise routine can do much to boost a dogs energy levels and recovery capabilities. Every dog is different however and an appropriate training schedule will depend on what is required of them. Generally basic obedience comes first. The dog must be able to follow the simple commands of ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘heel’ etc. If we consider training in the context of dog agility for example, the next step will be to introduce obstacles, teach them jumps and familiarise them with weave poles, tunnels etc. All of this requires the dog to expend energy both physically and mentally and while they may not be running around all of the time, the mental stimulation alone is very demanding.

Increasing Fitness and Stamina Levels

In order to ensure that your dog is able to cope with the demands of its work or training requirements, consider some endurance and aerobic exercise in which your dog can develop stamina, build their muscles and condition their bodies. If your dog is not presently undertaking regular strenuous activities, then you should try and incorporate at least one harder than normal session on a weekly basis. As fitness and stamina levels increase, so too will the ability to recover effectively, and boost your dogs energy levels. One of the best

ways to initially achieve this extra effort session is through games such as fetch or frisbee, which naturally playful dogs are likely to enjoy, and associate with fun more than exercise.

Breaks During Training

Taking periodic breaks during training will help the dog to relax their muscles and give them some respite to recover, ready to start again. It is really important that they get enough rest in between sessions. Most dogs will let you know when they have had enough and, like humans, it is important to recognise these signs or risk injury. A 30-minute break is sometimes enough to be able to boost a dogs energy ready to recommence, although higher energy dogs will literally go until they drop. Make sure your dog has access to water during their training sessions so that they don’t dehydrate while also ensuring that they don’t drink too much at the same time.

Post Exercise Rest and Recovery

Make provision for a gentle walk at the end of a training session to allow the muscles to cool down rather than just stopping straight away. While your dog may be thirsty, try to make sure that they don’t drink too much in one go, especially on a hot day as they could just bring it back up. It is also a good idea to wait a period before you feed them. An hour is a good guide. When they are no longer thirsty, you can give them food. Feed your dog too soon after exercise and you risk bloat which can be fatal so it’s very important to adhere to these guidelines. Post training massage is another consideration for dogs that have undergone intense workouts. This helps to improve circulation and increases blood flow which will take away waste products from the muscle and help to reduce fatigue and soreness.

Consider the Breed

You will notice that there are particular breeds that are more suited to endurance or agility training for dogs than others. These tend to include breeds like Retrievers, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Malinois etc. The bull breeds such as bulldogs and mastiffs are not built to handle such rigorous activities. You must factor this in to your plans if you are looking to start work or a sport such as agility training with your dog.

What Can I Give My Dog to Boost Energy?

An all-natural supplement that is specifically designed for this purpose is an excellent yet simple solution to help boost your dogs energy. Just as humans take vitamins and minerals and other protein based products post exercise, so too can dogs. A natural protein source which is easy to digest and rich in amino acids is a must. Protein is vital to a dogs diet as it helps to repair damaged muscle tissue which can become broken down during exercise and provides structured support for the cells. Other crucial requirements like Vitamin C can help as a natural anti-inflammatory while bolstering the immune system at the same time. There are also gems found in nature such as rolled oat flour which has a calming effect both physically and mentally post exercise and chlorella which is a great antioxidant. These all natural ingredients are superb for assisting with a speedy recovery post exercise and for giving internal protection meaning your dog is strong both inside and out.

As discussed, you can follow the guide above to support and speed up your dog’s recovery and energy levels including offering them the correct dietary dog supplements. ProDog Revive is one of our canine performance supplements and a market leader, purposely designed to replenish and boosts energy levels, aid a fast recovery and also help improve a dogs internal health. We are uniquely placed to assist your dog’s recovery and energy needs, and look forward to helping you develop these. For more information about how ProDog Revive can help enhance your dogs well-being and performance, with its all natural ingredients and expert formula, contact us and we will be delighted to help.



Jan Moir

Hi if my dogs diet which is raw is lacking in the proper nutritional balance will giving your supplement make sure he’s getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs.


Hi there Jan
Yes, indeed however if you take a look at the full range of supplements, you will notice that each one performs a different function. For all round nutritional balance take a look at Boost. This should deliver everything your dog needs. Maximus is also a great choice. Take a look and see which one you think would be most suited and please let us know if you require any further information.
Team ProDog

Jan Moir

Wow! Thank you,. You were quick getting back to me thank you, I do agility with my wee guy he’s bouncing out his skin as soon as he knows where he’s going or what he’s doing and expels so much excited energy.

Jan Moir

Sorry I meant to ask is boost what you would recommend


My dogs does agility. What can I give him to boost energy and give him focus?


Hi there

Take a look at our supplement – Revive. ProDog Revive is an expertly formulated dietary supplement powder designed to be easily added to food. A blend of nature’s finest, human-grade botanics, nutraceuticals and superfoods precisely balanced to support an active dog’s daily demands. Frequently used by both sport and working dogs in pursuits such as Team Agility and Search & Rescue. Revive is however, suitable for ALL dogs including those coming back from trauma, illness or injury. This formula will promote enhanced performance, assist replenishment of energy levels and support faster recovery. #description

Kind Regards
Team ProDog


Hi there
Can you tell me if I can get ProDog Revive energy support supplement for dogs in Australia. And is so where as Im having problems finding it. Thanking you Ruth


Hi Ruth

Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the UK i’m afraid.

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