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2021 Dogs Of Instagram Rich List


by ProDog Raw

They earn how much!? The ‘big dogs’ of Instagram revealed 

Instagram is not just for selfies, #OOTD and memes. In fact, Instagram has created a whole new market for dog lovers and owners alike. You’ll likely struggle to avoid pictures of dogs posing in front of the camera as you scroll through your feed, but what’s really amazing is how popular these dogs are – some accounts have racked up millions of followers and likes from adoring fans, which of course has a monetary value in today’s day and age. 

These dogs are in their own way celebrities and so they have influence. This influence can be sold for a price and believe us when we say the owners of these famous dogs have monetised their pet – queue the rise of the Pupfluencer!

We were keen to get more insight into the Instagram world of dogs, in particular how much these pets are earning from their social media presence, so we checked out some of the platform’s biggest canine stars. This was no small feat – we had to comb through hundreds of accounts and thousands of posts from the last 12 months, but it was worth it because we were able to create the definitive Dog Instagram Rich List with what we found. 

Check out which pups are earning the most below. 

2021’s Dog Instagram Rich list

  1. Loki – 2m followers £4,800 per post = £268,800/year
  2. Manny – 1m followers £2,250 = £141,760/year
  3. Puggy Smalls – 201k followers £910 per post = £68,250/year
  4. Harlow and Sage – 1.7m followers £3,700 per post = £37,000/year 
  5. Jiffpom – 10.2m followers £24,600 per post = £24,600/year
  6. Pavlov and Maslow – 146k followers £375 per post = £14,250/year
  7. Cruesoe – 824k followers £1,900 per post = £11,400/year
  8. Tuna – 2.1m followers £5,000 per post = £10,000/year
  9. Doug the pug – 3.9m followers £9,100 per post = £9,100/year
  10. Kingsley – 183k followers £420 per post = £10,080/year
  11. Bodhi – 400k followers £1,200 per post = £8,400/year
  12. Reagan Doodle – 501k followers £1,200 per post = £6,000/year
  13. Maya – 2m followers £4,700 per post = £4,700/year
  14. Turboroo – 307k followers £770 per post = £4,620/year
  15. Aspen – 274k followers £600 per post = £3,000/year

We only took into account dogs that have posted a sponsored/ad or paid partnership on Instagram into the research, and used estimated influencer earnings data from Hopper HQ*. According to the findings above, dog influencers will earn £5,800 per post on average – the actual figure is of course very dependent on their follower base and engagement rate! 

The earning power of some of Instagram’s most famous dogs may or may not surprise you, but if you wanted to put it in perspective, enter your salary below to find out how many posts the average pupfluencer will have to post to earn the equivalent amount.




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