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Our mission is clear - creating cutting edge nutritional products to support your dogs in living their best lives.

Great nutrition is the foundation of optimal health and happiness, and your dog depends on you to provide the abundance of nutrients they need to thrive. We’re here to help by formulating innovative, high quality and convenient dietary solutions for your canine companions.

Our commitment to you and your dogs is a trust we don’t take lightly, and so, when you opt for ‘Supplements by ProDog’, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re also choosing this legacy promise:

  • Each ingredient serves a precise nutritional purpose. All ProDog supplements are devoid of fillers or bulking agents.
  • Every component is meticulously chosen by expert canine nutritionists for its nutrient value and bioavailability, ensuring easy absorption for maximum impact.
  • All our supplements have the seal of approval from one of the world's foremost veterinary experts in dog nutrition.
  • Synthetic flavourings or preservatives have no place in our formulations and never will.
  • Our production is exclusively based in the UK, with ingredients sourced from reputable, traceable and certified origins.
  • Rigorous testing for heavy metals and GMOs ensures the highest quality standards.
  • No fluff in our marketing – every claim is substantiated.
  • We empower you with comprehensive product information and free personalised advice from our canine nutrition team.
  • Our products come with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.
  • The price you see is all inclusive, including free delivery.

In essence: 'Supplements by ProDog'are unparalleled !

Where it all began

Meet Rid, ProDog Nutrition’s Founding Partner - Gone But Never Forgotten.

Though Rid is sadly no longer with us, his legacy lives on. With five decades of expertise in formulating award winning, world class nutritional supplements, Rid understood the transformative power of natural nutrition in enhancing physical health and vitality.

His philosophy and approach are embedded at our core and guide all that we do. Know with certainty that when you choose a supplement created by ProDog, you are opting for a product made with total precision, ultimate expertise and absolute care.

Rid’s lasting memory empowers Team ProDog to continue his life’s work, benefiting thousands of dogs and granting them the health freedom they deserve.

Never Walk Alone with ProDog by your side

Vet Approved Formulas

Meet Dr Katie Woodley

A leading force in the world of pet nutrition and veterinary care. Explore her insights into 'Supplements by ProDog'

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A Word From Alison Frost ProDog's Specialist Canine Nutritionist

Alison Frost

“Dogs require a highly nutritious, balanced natural diet to maintain a good quality of life. Nevertheless, certain dogs may face increased nutritional requirements due to ageing, genetics, toxin exposure, joint and skin problems, high endurance physical stressors, deficiencies and other circumstances. In these cases, carefully selected high-quality supplements offer a nutritional solution to help support optimal wellness so that they can live their best lives.

ProDog’s supplements are formulated with proven, science-backed ingredients to ensure they deliver premium canine wellness. All ingredients are selected for uncompromising quality and effectiveness and are tested by third-party labs for safety to ensure we provide only the best to our canine family.“

Accept no substitutes! Your Dog Deserves the Best

Need help choosing?

If you require assistance in choosing the right supplement for your dog contact us today for FREE tailored advice from our canine nutrition team.