ProDog Impact

At ProDog Raw we strive to make an impact in more ways than one

ProDog Impact

Our Planet

Quality canine nutrition shouldn’t cost the earth.

At ProDog Raw we are passionate about utilising nature’s ‘best’ produce to feed dogs. We are advocates for supporting a dog’s health and wellbeing by feeding them quality, fresh whole foods, just as they have evolved to eat— as such, our planet is at the centre of everything we do.

Our planet provides the natural and nutritious ingredients that go into each and every one of our products. Which is why we endeavour to care and protect it in every way we can. We know it is important our actions as a food manufacturer are as ecologically friendly as possible.

Quality canine nutrition shouldn’t cost the earth

The steps we’ve taken

1. Recyclable Packaging

With guidance from the experts we've created the best packaging possible with two key objectives:

1To respect and conserve the environment
2To protect the nutritional content of the food inside

As a result, almost* every part of ProDog packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and/or reusable.

Polypropylene (PP) – Tubs and lids made from PP- 100% recyclable, fully approved for food contact and BPA free. PP has the highest recyclability rate in the UK for food produce approved packaging and is “multi-use” plastic, meaning our tubs can be reused.

Recycle and BPA free

Distinctive yellow packaging – Dogs see in 2 colours, blue and yellow; we made sure our tubs were easily recognisable to our canine critics whilst also being easily identifiable to recycling services. Plastics which aren’t easily recognisable as PP often end up in landfill.

The Label – Also made from PP, “In-Mould Labelling” (IML) means the entire pack is made from the same material, increasing ease of recyclability and less waste than an additional sleeve.

Yellow Packaging

Wool lining – Eco-friendly compostable wool liners in delivery boxes act as insulation to keep food frozen and at peak quality. Compostable and reusable.

Wool lining

Cardboard supplement tubes – In 2021 we launched recyclable cardboard tubs containing biodegradable bags, to replace plastic for all our supplements.

Cardboard supplement tubes

Fully recyclable treat packaging – Printed using carbon neutral printing processes. Less energy, less waste, means a smaller carbon footprint than conventional printed packaging. Local arrangements for recycling vary, check with your local authority’s provision for LDPE 4 plastic packaging. Alternatively search here using the term plastic bags.

Fully recyclable treat packaging

Zero packaging for select treats – A number of our large robust treats no longer arrive packaged, those that can ‘safely’ be added to your box, without the need for additional packaging, will arrive naked and ready to be enjoyed by your dog.

Zero packaging for select treats

2. Customer Incentives

Our incentives are thoughtfully designed to encourage our customers to join us in being kinder to the planet, whilst supporting them to receive the best value for money

Incentive 1

Fill your delivery box and receive treat rewards for your dog.

The aim – filling boxes reduces delivery frequency, saving money and carbon emissions.

Box icon

Incentive 2

Buy bundles and subscribe, to receive free delivery and discounts on food prices.

The aim – Bundles and subscription renewal orders means we know in advance volumes of product needed each month, improving production efficiencies and reducing wastage. These efficiency savings we pass on to our customers by discounting bundles.

Bundles icon

Incentive 3

Return our eco-friendly wool liners and receive free healthy treats for your dog in your next order.

The aim – returning wool liners means we can use them again thereby reducing energy and waste.
Download Your Returns Form Here

Recycle icon

3. Sustainable Ingredients

We believe passionately livestock animals should not suffer to feed others.

For decades factory-farmed meat has been acceptable to use in pet food (and human food). Yet modern nutritional science demonstrates that happy, healthy grass-fed livestock provide meat far more nutritionally rich.

The impact on the environment of intensive factory farming and the ethical considerations are well documented, which is why all our British ingredients are from DEFRA approved and British Farm certified suppliers. ALL our meat is of human-quality, either from ethically managed wild sources or farms operating with the best possible welfare practices (and, wherever possible, the livestock is pasture reared).

Giving Back

Proud to lend a helping paw

There are many ways to make a difference in an animal’s life.
A big thank you to our customers and supporters. Together we are sprinkling a little ProDog magic amongst those most in need.

Dogs 4 Wildlife

Making a difference to our world’s endangered animals

ProDog are proud sponsors of Shinga; the newest specialist trained anti-poaching dog to come from Dogs 4 Wildlife training camp.

Between January and December 2021, 451 rhinos were devastatingly slaughtered for their horn in South Africa. Shinga and courageous dogs, just like her, work every day to protect these endangered animals; something that wouldn’t be possible without the intense specialist training provided by Dogs 4 Wildlife, and the dedicated work of rangers at Imire Rhino and Wildlife Sanctuary.

ProDog are honoured to be in a position to sponsor Shinga. By providing her with the best quality raw food and natural nutritional supplements we’ve helped to fuel her to operate at the peak condition necessary for the important work she does. Our support has also funded the intense training she has needed to become a highly focused, dedicated anti-poaching dog, as well as transport costs to ensure the long journey to her new home was a safe one.

Recently deployed to Imire Rhino and Wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe each and every ProDog customer can smile knowing you played a part too.

Thank you

YouTube video

Award-winning filmmaker in Zimbabwe (Tigzozo Media)

dogs 4 wildlife logo

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Working tirelessly to nurture dogs back to health and happiness in a safe, loving environment.

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a small independent animal rescue charity in Bristol. Their open-door policy means they are frequently a last hope for many animals. Helping up to 1,000 animals each year, rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing animals who are often elderly, have diseases or display behavioural issues, animals that may be euthanised in other shelters. Their small core team of staff work tirelessly with no government or lottery funding. With increasing kennel running costs and vets bills of over £100,000 per year, they rely heavily on regular volunteers and support from the community.

A word from Holly Hedge

“We believe there is someone out there for every animal, so our promise is to care for them as if they were our own until they find their forever homes."

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

All Dogs Matter

Dedicated to working nationally and internationally to re-home abandoned and unwanted dogs.

With the help of a small team of dedicated foster carers, the support of vets and dog trainers, All Dogs Matter help to restore dogs to health and happiness before being reunited with forever homes. Internationally they have worked with the Humane Society International UK as an Emergency Placement Partner shelter to re-home dogs rescued from South Korean dog meat farms, and Paws Crossed shelter in Egypt to rehabilitate and rehome street dogs.

All Dogs Matter have some famous faces supporting their work such as: Alan Carr, Ricky Gervais and actress Michelle Collins. Having worked tirelessly throughout the Coronavirus crisis, managing the increase in need they are now facing a severe shortfall in funding.

All Dogs Matter All Dogs Matter

How You Can Help

Only with your help can we continue helping animals most in need. Here's how you can get involved.

1. Dog Friday

The dog lovers event of the year.

Held annually over Black Friday weekend Dog Friday is all about spoiling your woofer and raising lots of money for dog charities.

Look out for information every year during November about how you can get involved.

Previous celebrations have included:

  • Take part in our Ultimutt Mega Draw for a chance to win some epic prizes.
  • Spin The Wheel Of Furtune to win
  • Enter your canine pal into our virtual dog show
  • Help Find A Forever Home for our nominated rescue dogs.

Dog Friday

How You Can Help

2. Christmas Charity Donation

Every year we help to feed dogs in need with our healthy and nutritious raw meals.

For every tub gifted by you we’ll match it and send them to our nominated rescue centres; Holly Hedge and All Dogs Matter. Simply place your gift order, and we’ll do the rest.

Donate Now

How You Can Help

Reach One Teach One

Dedicated to Educating

Our products serve to meet one aspect of our mission to help dogs thrive.
We also invest a great deal of time and energy on initiatives designed to inspire and educate people of the science backed facts of canine nutrition and the benefits of species-appropriate feeding.

Sadly, there are still many myths, misconceptions and unhelpful (and inaccurate) media messages fuelling consumers’ worries about feeding a raw food diet. We understand that 80 years of pet food corporation marketing messages can’t be undone overnight. This is why education has been integral to growth and part of the overall experience for all staff and customers since ProDog was founded.

Our aim is to empower our customers with the knowledge they need to CONFIDENTLY make the switch to feeding a natural raw diet. Teaching just one person about the benefits of feeding a natural raw diet widens the ripple effect further and has the potential to improve yet more dog’s lives.

Empowering dog owners through education


  • Collaboration with experts leading the field in veterinary science, canine nutrition and supplementation.
  • Advice and support delivered by our expert feeding advisors
  • Our Facebook community ‘The ProDog Rawbellion, offers educational lives, Q&A’s and dedicated support to our Rawbellious customers
  • Social media campaigns, such as ‘Ditch the Dry’, designed to help dog owners feel equipped in making the best nutritional choices for their dogs.
  • A comprehensive blog that provides expert articles on all aspects of raw feeding and canine nutrition
  • Free online courses such as ‘The Lean Dog Squad’ weight loss programme for dogs