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Can ProDog Revive Help With Dog Agility?

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Can ProDog Revive Help With Dog Agility?

Agility dogs are always on the go. They have demanding training regimes and tough competitions for which they need to be at their physical peak. They also need to be able to recover quickly between dog agility training sessions. In order to remain at their optimum condition both physically and mentally at all times, the right diet and a formidable dietary supplement is critical. Not only do they need protecting from possible injury, they also need assistance to recover post-exercise so that they are ready for their next session.

As dog agility trainers, how can you ensure that your dogs are on top form at all times and ready to perform? A biologically appropriate raw diet utilising raw dog food products is an excellent start as the ingredients are all-natural and beneficial in numerous ways. In addition to this, a premium-grade dietary supplement with no artificial ingredients, flavourings, colourings or additives is a key step that dog agility owners can take.

What Should You Look for in a Dog Recovery Supplement?

Unlike humans, dogs don’t burn glycogen when they exercise and therefore don’t need carbohydrates to replenish their energy levels. They have much more cellular mitochondria which are the small structures in cells that generate energy. What they do need is healthy fat and protein. The protein is necessary to build and maintain healthy muscle mass and can be found in raw diets however a dietary supplement which contains natural protein is a huge benefit. Another key ingredient is Vitamin C which helps to protect a dog’s immune system against illness. Additional ingredients such as chlorella, rolled oat flour and sources of amino acids all play a part in making sure that dogs are achieving the ultimate fitness levels.

Why ProDog Revive?

ProDog Revive is an exceptional source of nutrition for accelerated recovery and protection not just in dog agility training but also in all working dogs. It is important for replenishing and boosting energy levels following exercise. If you have a dog that is expending high levels of energy then you want to ensure that you are replenishing those energy levels and allowing the muscles to recover post-exercise.

The benefits of ProDog Revive for dog agility training

The ingredients in Revive are all premium grade and organic and designed to aid with protection and recovery in dogs that lead a high energy lifestyle. These ingredients include:

* Organic Hydrolysed Soya Isolate – As dogs should not be given dairy, whey protein supplements are an absolute no. This is why Revive contains an organic hydrolysed soya isolate which is 100% dog-friendly and can assist with the repair of muscle tissue that has become broken down during exercise

* Vitamin C – It is important to replenish the levels of vitamin C that are used up during exercise. Supplementation can offer many benefits and help in the prevention

of certain illnesses while also providing assistance in the recovery of illnesses and as a boost to the immune system.

* Chlorella – Assists in protection against parasites like fleas, ticks and heartworm

* Rolled oat flour is a gluten-free ingredient that is a great source of fibre. It is also an effective nerve tonic promoting calmness physically and mentally after exercise.

As the building blocks of protein, it is essential that dogs who are subject to a demanding exercise regime are getting what they need when it comes to amino acids. Dogs produce about half of the amino acids that they need internally, the other half has to be included in their diet. The maintenance of their fur and hair alone can take up to 30% of their daily intake.

In order for their muscles to repair and recover post-exercise, making sure they are getting enough of the right quantities of amino acids is critical. There are many sources of these amino acids in Revive which have been carefully selected due to their amazing protection and recovery properties including the following:

* Dimethylglycine (DMG) is an antioxidant which helps to boost the immune system, offering protection to both the liver and kidneys.

* N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) with its anti-inflammatory properties, can aid against infections and has the added benefit of improving skin and coat condition

* AlgaVia Protein – As well as being high in amino acids, AlgaVia protein also includes arginine and glutamate which are essential any age of dog. It is free of all known allergens, and is made up of ALL essential amino acids, dietary fibre and healthy lipids. This will assist in improving the digestion of your dog and increase their energy levels.

* Dried Egg Powder – A complete amino acid food source rich in vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12, iron, selenium and fatty acids. Can assist a dog’s energy levels and aid in their growth and general development.

* Taurine – This particular ingredient is an amino acid that is rich in sulphur which is the key ingredient in bile. It can help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and supports the urinary tract, eye health and can relieve nervous impulse.

Who is ProDog Revive for?

ProDog Revive, while extremely popular for dog agility training, is also a first-rate supplement for all working dogs and a number of other dogs regardless of breed or size. Given from 24 weeks, it will help to protect their internal and external well being and support recovery from exercise and illness or injury. Nursing mothers who have recently given birth to a litter of pups can also take it to assist in recovery from the demands of labour and feeding.

How Should Revive be Administered?

A typical tub of Revive contains 100 servings and should be given according to the feeding instructions on the side of the tub. It can be given with their food either in the morning or

afternoon (depending on when they are fed) and simply added to the food and mixed in. It can also be added to water. If your dog is fussy with their food and needs encouragement to eat different things it is wise to ensure that it is well mixed.

If you have any questions about canine nutrition or would like to discover more about any of our ProDog Nutrition supplements or our raw range of foods then we would be happy to assist.


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