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Ditch The Dry – Reason 3 – Dogs Need Individualised Nutrition

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Are you feeding your dog the diet that truly helps them thrive?

Bio-individuality is a concept supported by science, which advocates individualised nutrition. Each dog is unique: breed, age, level of activity, health conditions, level of toxins in their environment, etc. Therefore, it makes sense that each has different nutritional needs. 

Interesting right?

We thought so, which is why we asked Dr Nick Thompson (aka The Holistic Vet) to talk to you a little about individualised nutrition and why he recommends you ditch the dry and choose a varied, fresh, raw diet instead.

Check out the video above or, for the readers among you; we’ve included a summary below of the main points. We’ve added the time stamp, too, so if you want to watch a snippet of the video covering the topic you’re particularly interested in, we’ve got you covered!

0:11 I wanted to share with you some of my pet hates of dry food, dry kibble food that we feed to our what I don’t, but some people feed to their cats and dogs.

0:30  Manufacturers of kibble suggest that one adult maintenance type kibble will be sufficient for your dog or cat for their entire life stage.

0:54  That implies that when they finish on their junior food, you can put them on their adult kibble, and you can then keep them on that for life.

1:26  I don’t think there are any straight lines in nature.  And I think that the idea a dog or a cat’s body can thrive and be optimally healthy on a single scientifically formulated diet, I just think, pretty much goes against everything I was taught.

2:00  They also imply that one diet will do all dogs. I know that you can get kibbles for small dogs and kibbles for giant dogs. I think that that is very dubious as well.

2:23  But the idea that a single diet will do all individuals, all the different breeds of the whole life stage, whether they’re giant or medium or small, again, I think is madness.

2:46  I just think it’s putting an easily industrially manufactured product and the convenience of the owner ahead of the obvious thought that all our pets are individuals and they will need individualised nutrition.

3:14  Different dogs will put on weight at different levels, or different dogs will have different requirements for the level of zinc in a ration.

3:28  And so I think that feeding a single diet for an entire life stage of one dog is not a great idea.

3:37  Feeding a single product to many, many different breeds, many different sizes of dog, I think is also a really, un-biological way of providing the very best nutrition for any pet.

After knowing that, do you really want to give your cat or dog dry kibble?

To read more about kibble production, check out Dr Nick’s blogI Refuse To Feed Kibble: A Vet’s Perspective. If you’ve landed on this video and not yet seen the other videos in this series, you can head over to our ditch the dry page to catch the rest.

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Dr Nick Thompson

BSc (Hons) Path Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS. Founding President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society. Petplan Vet of the Year Nominee 2009, 2015, 2017, 2018 & 2020. The practice of the Year Nominee 2018.


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