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Pick Your England Barking XI


by ProDog Raw

The England Dog Squad 

Our England Euro team has surpassed all expectations, beating fierce competition to get to the final against Italy this coming Sunday. We think it’s fair to say that the nation hasn’t felt this positive about our chances in a major football tournament since the iconic year of 1966 –  it’s coming home!

To get into the spirit of the beautiful game, we thought we could have some fun by designing an England squad based on our star player’s dogs. We’ve created Top Trumps style cards, taking into account the breed’s characteristics as well as each player’s strengths, to demonstrate their dog’s capabilities. There are 16 dogs in the England squad this year, what position would you play them and who will be benched? Let us know on our social channels; Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

As dog people we’re in an informed position to advise where our player’s dogs should play in the squad, based on their breed’s skillset. Let us know what you think of our Canine England team!

ProDog's England XI


Goalkeeper – Marcanus Corsoford – A surprisingly agile and large dominating figure to protect the goal and intimidate the opposition at all times – you would not want to be one on one with this guy!

Right Back – Kyle Walberman – Doberman’s have phenomenal stamina and rapid speed to release up the wings when needed. Top this off with their incredible protection skills to come back and stop the opposition breaking through the flanks makes the Doberman an ideal full back

Centre Back – Tyrottie Mings – Rottweiler’s are a must have in defence – they are known for their excellent guarding nature and aggression to protect the goal when needed.

Centre Back – Dean Henderweiler – What’s better than one Rottweiler? Well that’s easy! TWO Rotties to solidify the central defence and stop any opposition threat breaking through! This defence will be impenetrable, unless the opposition has some treats in their pockets…. 

Left Back – John Stobes – We wanted a defence that was just not going to let anyone through – just like their hooman counterparts. Adding another Doberman to the full back position gives us a rock solid wall that can deal with anything.

Centre Midfield – Eric Labradier – Put the dog that always wants the ball in a position to always retrieve the ball, when supported by a solid rock that is the Rottweiler it will allow this amazing dog to go off wandering and take the ball from the opposition

Centre Midfield – Rotteem Sterling – More of a defensive element to add strength in the middle of the field and give the creative positions ahead of him a chance to comfortably do their thing. Wont easily be pulled aware from the task in hand and will create a solid Rottie triangle in the middle of the field.

Right Midfield – French Alexander Arnold – Frenchies are energetic, nimble and rapid addition to terrorise the wings. Their low centre of gravity and playful nature allows them to perform all kinds of trickery and nonsense to baffle the opposition before whizzing past them to create opportunities in front of goal. Warning…. they may not be able to last the whole 90 mins so advice would be to have a secondary Frenchie waiting to take over where the first left off!

Centre Attacking Midfield – Mason Moodle – An energetic, creative and highly intelligent dog that will find any way to break down the opposition and give them a cheeky lick after nutmegging them en route to the goal!

Left Wing – Jack Grealapoo – Adding a bit of flare and presence to the wings is what the Cockapoo will do. Intelligence, skill, relentless speed and stamina to make everything look effortless and easy is what is needed from your winger to get behind the opposition’s defence.

Striker – Labby Kane – The first name on the team sheet – the dog who wants it all and is smart enough to trick you into giving him what he wants! A big presence, who wants the ball at all times, wont stop until he has it in the net over and over again! A must have as your striker.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this piece and we look forward to seeing your team suggestions and the reasons why! One last thing before we go…..



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