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Dry Fed Poo vs Raw Fed Poo

Did you know when you feed raw dog food your dog’s poo becomes a lot more manageable? We explain everything you need to know about dog poo. What colour should it be? What about the consistency? Our experts give you the answers you need to keep your dog’s bowels healthy.

Author: ProDog Raw

Dry Fed Poo vs Raw Fed Poo

What is your dog's poo telling you?

Let’s talk poo! Yes, we understand it may not be the nicest topic to discuss but here are some observations and yet more pro-raw arguments.

For many dog owners of both dogs that have been raw fed and kibble fed, you will most certainly relate. For those of you still to make the switch, this information may be what convinces you.

Let’s look at the difference between dry dog food poo and raw dog food poo. For more on this topic, read our guide to raw vs kibble dog food.

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About dry food dog poo

If you have a dry fed dog then you may have noticed that they pass a substantial amount of quite obnoxious poo. Now for some of you who have never known any different this can seem perfectly normally.

The poo may vary in consistency on a daily basis but you tell yourself it is the extras that you have fed, the treats – your leftovers, for example.

You never quite know what you are going to find when you go out to your garden or pick up your dog’s poo after a walk.

Consistency & volume of poo

Often the inconsistency of a dry fed dog and the sheer volume is down to the amount of ‘crap’ (pardon the pun) that your dog is ingesting.

Much of the fillers and additives in dry foods such as kibble is surplus to requirements in a dog’s diet and is often passed straight through their system without it being used.

When it comes out, it comes out in great volumes varying in shape, size, colour and smell.

Clearing up after a kibble fed dog

You cringe when you have to get out your poo bags and pick it up, sometimes one poo bag just won’t cut it and you are forced to double bag.

The poos of a dry fed dog will often remain the same shape, size and texture long after they have been passed. This is due to the amount of preservatives used in the dry foods.

If they are preserving the food, the chances are they are also going to preserve the waste. These stools often have a more offensive smell and are less easy to dispose of.

They are also far less likely to express the anal glands of a dog. In a nutshell, if it is that offensive coming out, imagine what went in.

About raw food dog poo

Raw fed dog poo

When it comes to a raw fed dog, you will first notice how much less waste you have to pick up. New to raw? read our raw dog food for beginners guide and explore our full grain free dog food range. The dog will pass stools less often and when they do you should notice 2 or 3 solid lumps rather than a pile of waste. That is just one of the benefits of raw dog food!

Often, owners observe that they are white in colour. This is no cause for alarm, in fact quite the opposite. A raw fed dog will ingest bone as part of their diet.

The poo will reduce down to a white chalk which is just calcium from the bone content that the bacteria in their stomach won’t eat.

In addition to this on a sunny day, a raw fed dog poo will dry very quickly and often crumble into a chalky dust. These solid, smaller stools are often far less offensive when it comes to smell and the poos will be neat, small and easy to pick up.

Will raw food help my dog’s bowel problems?

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Every element of the raw diet has a purpose

All of the nutrients in a BARF raw diet are designed to be used by the dog. Nothing goes to waste. Every part of the meal has a benefit to their digestion, their skin and coat, their energy levels and more.

They use the various food sources in much greater volumes than the unnecessary fillers in kibble.

This then stands to reason that if less rubbish goes in, less waste comes out. As we mentioned above, with a high bone content, often all that you are left with are chalky white poos.

Be mindful of these changes

When making the switch to raw dog food, you will notice that the dog may go through a few days or weeks of having inconsistent stools. They may even have a slightly upset system for a while.

This is perfectly normal and the signs of the dog detoxifying from the nasties in the kibble. Before long though, you will notice your dog is passing less waste and that it is a much more preferable consistency.

You may see your dog strain more at times but this should be considered a good thing as it will help to drain the anal glands.

It’s safe to say that the contrast between a dry fed dog and a raw fed dog is quite remarkable when it comes to waste. We are interested to hear your feedback, especially if you have switched from kibble to raw dog food.

What difference did you notice and how much easier is it to clean up after a raw fed dog? For those of you who would like to know more then get in touch with our experts. We are more than happy to discuss a subject that we are very well-versed in

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I now feed 3 dogs on raw. Previously I needed to do 3 garden rounds using 2 bags to pick it all up, now it’s usually once a day and all goes in 1 bag, as you say, less ‘crap’ in, less crap out, happy days ?

Judi Nyman

If I put my puppy on a raw food diet can I still give dog treats or training treats and a small denti stick etc


Hi there

You can certainly give training treats however, there are two things to be mindful of:

1. Dentastix are full of sugar and additives and won’t complement a raw diet.
2. Any treats should be included in their daily food allowance

We have an extensive range of raw treats – have a look at the ostrich training treats for the smaller treats and if you want something for your dog to chew on then check out our Ostrich bones, tripe bones and Yaks Milk Bars

Kind Regards
Team ProDog


Hi I am about to try your raw dog food do I have to reorder every month or just when I need to as lots of other sites want a monthly subscription for repeat orders


Hi there

You don’t have to set up a subscription however you do get a discount if you do. You can order when you need more food though, that’s absolutely fine.

Kind Regards
Team ProDog


My dog totally loves this raw food, no smelly farts and his poop is very firm and chalky I only treat him with air dries chicken feet two a day to help clean his teeth

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