Sara and Claire Bacon Competing in Grade 7 agility

We have been feeding ProDog Raw and using the ProDog supplements for about 6 weeks now, our competing dogs have been on Maximus and the change has been incredible. They have far more lean muscle than before and their coats look amazing. We have also been using revive around shows and can see a big difference in their energy levels during a show and their recovery.

Our older dogs are on Flex, they are all moving better and doing longer walks, Ty our oldest at almost 13 would regularly be stiff and sometimes needed pain relief to get him moving again. Since being on Flex he is like a different dog, he is much more active on walks and is very rarely stiff.

Lois Divine - Flyball

I started both my boys on ProDog (but I will concentrate on my older lad, he's 4) about 4 months ago. He's loving the food! But the supplements! My dogs do flyball and I noticed on competition days, in the afternoon my older lad was failing and slowing down.

After speaking to the team he was given "Revive" to try. 10/10!! His first competition with Revive in his system was fantastic! He ran consistently all day!!! Now I give him a spoonful of Revive with his ProDog complete, 3 days before a competition and 1 day after. Very impressed!

Next, we tried Maximus - 2 weeks of Maximus and the muscle gain! Wow! I will attach a photo to show the change.I'm really happy with how the supplements have helped my boys with their flyball career. Massive change in their performance and I hope they continue to run as amazing as they are

Charlotte Grundy BSc BVSc MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

As a Veterinary Surgeon, dog trainer and Championship Level/Grade 7 Agility competitor I use both the ProDog Maximus and ProDog Revive supplements regularly.

Maximus helps develop lean muscle mass, and in turn, improves strength and therefore speed and performance. I use Revive when my dogs are competing or during intense periods of training to aid recovery and help boost their energy levels.

Since using both Maximus and Revive I have noticed an improvement in their body condition, energy levels and focus. There have been improvements in their speed and performance, and they are both looking and feeling great. I would highly recommend them.

Kamal Fernandez - Professional Dog Trainer

As a professional dog trainer and dog sports coach, I am constantly looking for ways to give my dogs and my pupils an edge and improve their performance. Training, methods and conditioning are all of paramount importance to create a dog that mentally and physically performs at their best... however Prodog Raw nutritional supplements have revolutionised my own dog's physical appearance and that of my students.

In addition to the physical change, the benefits to their mentality and performance had been outstanding!

More stamina, more muscle, toned and fit equates to faster, stronger and better performance. I have recommended their products to people who want that extra something and the feedback I have had has been outstanding! Great products! Great service and Great results!

Dawn Bettany - Team GB

I am a serious dog trainer and compete at a high level and qualified at my 1st FCI world championships in 2017. It’s important to me that my dogs are at their best, their physique and conditioning is paramount.

I used Maximus in my training program to get to the worlds last year and this absolutely helped to get my boy in top condition. Maximus greatly increased his energy levels and stamina which gave him that extra edge which was brilliant for training and competing.

More recently after seeking advice from Prodog with a bitch that was very lean and struggling to keep weight on, they recommended using Maximux as a leam muscle builder. A few weeks of using Maximus I could see the difference in her body composition particularly in her shoulders.

She’s now a different dog and is thriving. There are no side effects which I was worried about because I didn’t want to increase her drive further.

I am very grateful for the advice and support ProDog have given me and would recommend anyone to use Maximus.

Sophie Grove - 2018 Crufts Final Team Agility Winner

I have been lucky enough to compete at agility with my rescue dogs for the past three years. My Jack Russell Terrier and I have reached the dizzy heights of Grade 7 with 13 wins this year, and my young Collie X Whippet has already reached Grade 4. We are at shows most weekends, so my dogs need to be fed very well to maintain optimum health and fitness.

Since feeding ProDog Raw complete meals I have been thrilled with their condition. In addition, I have been feeding ProDog Flexx and ProDog Revive. Agility puts a lot of stress and strain on joints and muscles and Flexx not only helps to support and maintain these but is brilliant for overall health, skin and coat – and my dogs are all a picture of health with great muscle tone and a wonderfully glossy coats!

Revive is a brilliant product, ideally created to suit my active dogs. Most shows are over two or three days, and Revive gives them the boost they need to run two or three classes a day, and helps them to recover quickly afterwards. Being a natural product that helps fight parasites is an added bonus too!

Gemma Fisher - Professional Dog Trainer and Owner at Daybreak Dogs Ltd and Fisher Fix Dogs Ltd

I have a busy household with 8 dogs who range in age from 4 months through to 12 years of age. As a professional dog trainer who uses her dogs for demonstration as well as competing at top level in agility, it's important they're in great shape. What I feed my dogs has a huge impact on their emotional and physical wellbeing - in much the same way it does on my two primary school aged children!

Eating junk food leads to being overweight and unfit - the same is true for our dogs. That's why I feed ProDog Raw because the ingredients support my dogs to be the best that they can be.

The youngsters (Impact - Working Cocker, Summer & Fizz - Border Collies) require it because it helps them grow into fit, strong adults who will be fantastic sports dogs in the future.

For the competing dogs (Vodka & Toddy - Border Collies) it's part of what makes them the elite athletes that they are - in mind and body, they're ready for anything!

And last but not least, for my precious retired dogs (Ella & Jade - Border Collies, Diva - Shetland Sheepdog) who have always given me everything they had in their work. I want them to be with me long into old age, as fit and happy senior dogs.

I've fed various dry foods in the past - some good, some not so good. But my dogs have never looked in such good condition since they've been fed raw food - and in particular ProDog Raw. The ingredients list explains why they look so fab - just take a look for yourself!

It's easier than you think to do - even in a multiple dog household like mine. It just takes a little prior planning of getting the food out the night before for defrosting. But you get into a routine and the results are completely worth the effort.