How A Romanian Rescue Dog Transitioned To Raw & Started To Thrive

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Watch Zora’s story – How the Romanian street dog who was fed just bread was rescued and helped to transition to Raw.

Anneka Svenska takes us through her journey with Zora to help her transition to raw food after being rescued from the streets of Romania, where she was fed stale bread and low quality kibble.

When the attempt to transition Zora to raw was made in the past, Zora’s gut rejected the food and she was sick constantly. We enlisted the help of Dr. Nick Thompson @holisticvetuk who helped put together a step by step plan to rejuvenate Zora’s gut health and begin the slow transition to Raw.

Watch the steps Anneka took with Zora and see how successful the transition was this time with Dr. Nick’s masterplan and ProDog Raw award winning recipes 🙂




Sweet and lovable ?

C h e r i Lee

I have a 14 year old Doberman Fawn in color. He’s been sick for the last 2 years. A bit pronounced his anal gland which shouldn’t have been done to a large dog and an older dog. So I’ve been trying to cook him rice and peas and meat and vegetables and he gets a lot of heartburn very interested in NYC I’m going to order some of these things for his gut the probiotic and I forget the other name sorry. But I find this very interesting I wish you could get a meal down without having all this heartburn and he always seems more hungry and needs more food is about 82 lb thank you for your time


Hi there

Do you want to arrange a call to speak to someone about this? You can send an email to [email protected] – it will probably be easier to chat about this over the phone.

Kind Regards
Team ProDog


It would be a good idea to Raise her food dish up – especially with the issues she is having with keeping food down.
Bless you for helping her!
She looks a Lot like my Rottie/Aussie mix.
Beautiful dog!!

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