Puppy litter is much healthier now they're fed raw food, jack russell in garden lying on grass

Puppy Litters Are Much Healthier Since Changing To Raw Fed Diet

Litters Are Much Healthier Since Changing to Raw…

Testimonial from Maisie Goldsworthy

As a breeder of Jack Russell Terriers for over 15 years having had the line passed to me from my family, I continue to work them, breed and show as well as being our devoted, loving family members so it’s imperative to me to make sure that they are in top condition all of the time, and this is why I’m writing to say #DitchTheDry and start your four-legged family on the raw with raw dog food

As we all know that common saying “you are what you eat”. I have tried many kibble companies to achieve what I want for my dogs but with very little success, hypoallergenic, high meat content, grain-free, freeze-dried you name it we have tried it but with each trial came a negative side effect allergies, excessive coat blowing, bad toilet habits, lack of energy and even too much energy often accompanied by a lack of focus. 

This I must add was most noticeable when I had a litter of puppies birth weights weren’t consistent, they were hard to wean which annoyingly reflected birth weights when some puppies just refused to wean until much later on and some puppies weaning earlier than others in one collective litter making weights even more diverse, some kibble brands I battled with runny stools, others made the pups look dull coated and runny eyed and just generally didn’t have the energy I expect in puppies especially terrier pups but one thing they all shared no matter the kibble brand was at some point during weaning they would all experience upset bellies, this made pups hard to toilet train as the amount of poos that a puppy produces just being on kibble is crazy so keeping up with a bundle of little poop machines was a real task on its own. 

After I had become frustrated with tackling upset tummies once again in a litter and just didn’t know which direction to go forwards in regards to dog food I was advised on raw diets by a friend. 

I had many concerns and the more you visit forums and social media in general in search for answers the more worry it can cause, myths surrounding raw feeding such as, “dogs can become seriously ill and die from raw feeding”, “raw feeding is nutritionally imbalanced” were just some of those I read and genuinely worried about, the latter being the reason I decided to go into raw but with a company that made “ready made” meals and came across ProDog Raw. 

I pestered them A LOT with questions about raw feeding and the myths that accompany the raw diet and got honest, knowledgeable and extremely quick responses back from the team who also gave me amazing support and guidance. 

After a few months my dogs previous allergies had subsided completely to the point where she was no longer relying on veterinary medication to help her “get by”. So I decided to keep my dogs on raw through pregnancy, rearing and whelping litters. 

The team at ProDog again guided me through the best diet for a healthy pregnancy even making up a feed plan for me to refer to as each week of pregnancy past. 

I find with my personal dogs at whelping they can suffer from hypocalcemia and and therefore, I have always supplemented with a good liquid calcium straight after whelping and continue to during the whole of rearing, however after being on the raw diet I have yet to supplement any whelped bitches for this (touch wood) so this alone has been a huge benefit to both bitches and puppies. 

Puppies are all born of uniform weight, the bitches whelp easily with no issues surrounding weight etc. 

Mother and pups are amazingly healthy and when it comes to what used to be the dreaded time of weaning, the pups wean super easily, without fuss, without the stomach upsets that I had been so used to during kibble feeding and so in turn toilet training became so much easier. I no longer had little poop machines! Pups utterly thrived as did the mothers so much so my last few litters now leave with a ProDog puppy package and are encouraged to continue the raw feeding through their lives with them. 

My bitches now experience very little weight loss, if at all. They don’t blow their coats after weaning and their general body condition and shape return much faster than they ever did on kibble. A real testament to this would be one of my bitches just 10 days post weaning, went into the show ring and took Best of Breed! 

If you haven’t tried raw yet or are considering it I can assure you once you witness the change in your dog’s general well being you won’t ever look back. 

I was very reluctant to begin with and worried I wouldn’t feed them correctly. Breeders like myself know just how much diet can reflect your bitch and her litters, but honestly I’m so glad I made the change. My dogs are much healthier for it and when it comes to seeing puppies leave for their new adventures they leave me with a great sense of pride.

So what are you waiting for….. #DitchTheDry



Jamie baker

Hi I was just wondering if I could wean my English bulldog from ava bulldog kibble to this also she is 4week 6 days pregnant she doesn’t have any issues but I want the best for her and her fur babies? also if this was ok how would I start sorry to be a pain thanks jamie.


Hi there

You can indeed switch from kibble to raw while pregnant. This article will give you all the information you need, including when to reduce the bone content etc.

Kind Regards
Team ProDog

Julie Hastie

I have just actually emailed you and now I have just read all the information. I transferred to raw a few months back and they all love it, there body shape is better but I needed to up Lotty’s as she has gone very thin, I am hoping I haven’t increased it to much.
I have Lilly pregnant and need guidance please I have wrote it all in the email.
I have chatted to you before and the help was excellent especially the changing over to raw.

Thank you

Julie and Gang.


Hi Julie and Gang

I believe our team have been in touch now to help you?

Kind Regards
Team ProDog

Heidi Cannone

Hi there, I am in the process of weaning my pups onto raw – mum has been on Prodog RAw for 6 months and I am wondering if there is any particular sort I need for weaning?
I have introduced top-up milk called Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk and my daughter unhelpfully offered them an extra helping on day 1 of weaning.
They have been quite lethargic since then.
I am a little concerned, but also confident that they will be ok as they have had the best start really – just feel sorry for mum as they are scratching her tummy and nipples raw til bleeding and I am quite keen to get them weaned as soon as I can to save my mummy-dog!!
HELP please. x

Advice in all the abovementioned concerns would be most appreciated. Many thanks. Heidi


Did you manage to get hold of the team to discuss this? It’s probably best, if you have any concerns to speak to your vet in any case with anything like this, especially if you are worried. With regards to the weaning, you can wean them on puppy raw. It’s finely minced for smaller mouths and teeth. We recommend adding organic non-pasteurised goat’s milk to soften it further. If you want to speak to anyone further, please contact the team on [email protected]

Kind Regards
Team ProDog

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