How ProDog & Raw Feeding Changed My Puppy’s Life

The odds were stacked against Winky even before he was born. He was in his own sack in the womb meaning while he was born alive, he started breathing very, very slowly and was noticeably smaller than the rest of the litter.

He Wasn’t Putting on Weight 

It became quickly apparent that he wasn’t putting on weight so he was taken to the vets and it was very touch and go.  They kept him in for the night then sent him home. No one expected him to make it.  At one stage he was a third of the size of the rest of the litter.

Prepared for the Worst  

I was extremely distressed watching Winky limp along, so I called the ProDog Team as a last-ditch attempt to see if they could offer any help.  They immediately put me in touch with a very experience breeder, Maisie, who gave me some practical tips to follow while preparing me for the worst.  A few days passed and I rang the ProDog team again. Winky seemed stable but he just wasn’t growing or gaining weight at all.

ProDog Went Above and Beyond

I have fed my bulldogs ProDog Raw for years and my plan was always to wean the dogs onto raw but not until they were 8 weeks old.

The team at ProDog put me onto their nutritionist and she suggested to start weaning him on to solids (their puppy range) mixed with organic, non-pasteurised goats milk.  Winky was 4 weeks old and it was at this point that I decided to move the whole litter over to ProDog. They held my hand every step of the way with daily check ins to start with. I cannot express how much I was helped and supported. The level of expertise and concern shown was above and beyond in my opinion.

ProDog Changed Winky’s Life

I can safely say ProDog Raw changed this puppy’s life. Winky immediately began to gain weight and get stronger. He grew and started to catch the others up. He couldn’t get enough of his meals (well none of them could) but the transformation in him was remarkable! I couldn’t believe the difference. I held him back for an extra few weeks to be sure, but he has now gone onto his forever home, a healthy and happy puppy.

“ProDog this is your success! I wanted to let you all know I’ll never forget how much you helped both me and Winky make it through.” 

Massive thanks to everyone involved 



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