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Doggy Day Care Sees Huge Changes In Raw Fed Dogs

Our Family run business (Woof & Tales, in South Wales) is a home from home boarding home (no kennels), doggy daycare, K9 swimming, Low impact agility, puppy classes, training and Doggy spa. We love all dogs like our own and they are family when they are with us!

We see all sorts of shapes, sizes, and diets but we never judge. We hear all the time that people’s dogs are fussy eaters or hardly eat anything. When some switch to raw they are so surprised that their dogs love it! People are a bit sceptical at first when they hear the word ‘raw’ but when they realise it is in a clean tub and all you do is defrost it they are pleasantly surprised.

Our own 3 dogs, Peaches (Leonberger, age 2), Ice (German Shepherd, age 8) and Bailey (Golden Retriever, age 8) all eat raw dog food and have done for 3 years. Our GSD used to struggle with an upset tummy and very loose stools, within 3 days of being on raw his tummy had settled, he was loving his food, minimal poo’s a day which were chalky and healthy!

They always eat their food and nothing is ever left! All our dogs have the most glossy, healthy-looking coats, on the correct amount in accordance with their weight and their flatulence is minimal (always a bonus!)

Some of the dogs we know who have been kibble fed do get bored of the same food every day, their poos are the size of horses, their flatulence can be bad, bad teeth/breath and sometimes their coats dull. Sometimes it worries me to see kibble blow up when wet and what that must be doing to their stomachs.

We would never change from raw, our dogs only get the best!


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