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All Round Improvement For Competitive Agility Dogs On Raw Fed Diet

All Round Improvement For Competitive Agility Dogs On Raw Fed Diet
Owner Sharon Youngman
Dog Storm & Barney

I am a McTimoney Human and animal Chiropractor with 2 dogs, having owned dogs all my life. The importance of feeding good quality, healthy food for my animals is vital to me, to help maintain good health and to support their musculoskeletal skeletal system with the activities they do and in life generally.

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I started feeding my dogs raw food 3 years ago when I started competitive agility, as I noticed the importance in feeding good quality natural nutrition to improve overall performance with the increased activity – mentally and physically.

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Being a terrier, Barney needs help with his stamina, brain focus, muscle power and recovery. Since transitioning to raw I have noticed many benefits:

  • Easier to keep Barney’s weight stable and less weight gain as quality meat is fed.
  • His concentration has been better
  • Stamina increased and faster recovery from training especially since adding the ‘Revive’ Supplement
  • No bad breath smell
  • Faeces more consistent as did tend to have loose bowels
  • Coat softer

Being a good quality, balanced food I am happy that there is good joint support and this was boosted further by feeding ‘ProDog Flexx’ as a maintenance for an active working dog.

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My other dog, Storm is a 5 month old cocker spaniel who has been fed raw since 8 weeks old. I made the decision to feed raw from puppy as it is vital that he gets good quality food and a balanced diet for the correct bone and muscle development, especially in an active working breed puppy. I feel confident and happy that he is getting this with Prodog Raw, which shows in his shiny coat, energy and mental alertness.

My main concerns that stopped me transitioning to raw earlier was in handling raw food and the space needed to store the food. Looking back I cannot believe I let this hold me back – It couldn’t be easier! ProDog provides balanced, complete meals straight to my door in practical size packaging that stores easily in the freezer. All I need to do is defrost and serve!

The team at ProDog have always been very knowledgeable with their advice, help and support and I can not recommend them enough. Take the plunge and #ditchthedry, you wont regret it

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Sharon Youngman

McTimoney Chiropractor


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