Raw Feeding & Supplementation For 3 Very Happy & Healthy Dalmatians



Rosie, Pongo and Bailey – 3 Very Happy and Healthy Dalmatians

At ProDog Raw, we strive for excellence with every dog we encounter so it is with much pride that we have been able to watch the progress of these three very special Dalmatians, Rosie, Pongo and Bailey.

Flexx helped Bailey following his operation

When we were first approached by Lynne, Bailey, having had both front legs operated on, was on a lot of medication. We recommended Flexx along with a raw dog food diet. Flexx is a unique supplement formulated by experts to aid and assist joint and bone protection and cartilage repair in dogs. This unique, dual-purpose product, also targets skin health and coat condition with proven results. The all-natural, organic, premium-grade ingredients will support joint structure maintenance & function, promoting mobility and flexibility by fighting inflammation. The good news is that a year later, Bailey is not on any medication, just Flexx.

What a difference the right nutrition makes

In addition to Bailey’s vast improvement, all three dogs, who were all overweight when they first came to us, are all now a healthy weight and Lynne is one very happy owner. You can see from the fabulous pictures just how special and healthy these beautiful Dalmatians are and at ProDog Raw we are especially proud to be part of their ongoing journey.

Lynne is so pleased with their progress that she wrote to us with the following feedback:

My dogs have been on ProDog Raw for a year now and the improvements have been amazing. Bailey has had both front legs operated on and had a cocktail of medication to deal with it. Heidi at ProDog Raw, suggested we use Flexx to help with his joints.

A year later, he is no longer on any medication just Flexx, an all-natural supplement from ProDog’s Nutrition range and you would never know he had any issues. When we started on ProDog Raw all three dogs were overweight but with the correct amount of raw food per day and Maximus, another excellent nutritional supplement, to make up for the lack of offal (Dalmatians shouldn’t have offal) we now have three very happy, healthy dogs. I decided it was about time to show them off, so with photography being one of my hobbies I was lucky enough to do a photoshoot with N Photo Magazine, these are some of the results!

Lynne Watkins, Owner of Rosie, Pongo & Bailey


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