A Heroic Hound

In honour of our heroic hounds

Whether they are tracking down criminals, providing assistance for those who need it most, or simply giving us a daily boost of positivity through the pandemic, dogs are awesome. They have been awesome for a long time too, with history littered with heroic tales of how man’s best friend has gone above and beyond for us. 

In honour of our canine companions and inspired by the stories of famous dogs such as Irma the German Shepherd, who saved hundreds of people during the London Blitz, we have decided to launch our own Heroic Hound Initiative. The initiative has been set up to celebrate inspiring stories from dog owners all around the UK.

If you needed any more proof that dogs really are the best, check out five of history’s most heroic hounds.

1. Irma the German Shepherd - Civil Defence Services of London - assisted in the rescue of 190 people trapped under blitzed buildings

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2. Jet the German Shepherd - Civil Defence Services of London - assisted in the rescue of 150 people trapped under blitzed buildings

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3. Rip the Mixed Breed Terrier - Second World War search and Rescue - once a stray, Rip is credited with saving the lives of over 100 people in London during WW2

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4. Frida the Golden Labrador Retriever - Mexican Navy - credited for saving 12 people's lives and locating more than 40 bodies. She’s taken part in 53 rescue operations across Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala and Ecuador.

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5. Apollo the German Shepherd - K-9 unit of the New York Police Department - received the Dickin medal on behalf of the 300 search and rescue dogs who assisted in finding victims of the 9/11 attack

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Diego The Malinois - We’d also like to give an honorary mention to Diego the Malinois, who sadly passed away in October last year from bone cancer. Diego was a part of the K-9 unit at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, where his main job was to assist in anti-poaching operations. Service dogs are very close to our hearts at ProDog Raw, which is why we’ve sponsored Shinga, a beautiful german shepherd who is currently being trained by Dogs4Wildlife to protect and stop the poaching of white and black Rhinos - see her progress here.

While these daring dogs certainly stand out, there are dogs that go above and beyond the call of duty every day in the UK and overseas working with the British forces. Each year, the Royal Army Veterinary Corps trains 170 new working dogs*, while there are over 1,700 canines working in the police force**. There are also over 7,000 people in the UK who rely on assistance dogs to help maintain their independence in daily life and provide key emotional support***.


We are asking people to nominate courageous dogs in the below form with a brief description of how they have played a heroic role in yours or a loved one’s life. While submissions for the thousands of service dogs working in Britain are welcome, we are also encouraging submissions for our everyday hero, for special ‘domestic’ dogs that have helped someone through an especially dark time.

Each of the nominees will be celebrated and shared across the ProDog network, while our voting panel filters through the entries to determine the UK’s most heroic hounds. The specially selected dog will receive the coveted title, along with a year’s supply of raw dog food and treats worth £600. To get an idea of what a year’s supply looks like and to find out how much raw dog food each breed and size of dog requires, check out our raw dog food calculator.

To nominate a heroic hound, please fill out the below form:

Heidi Maskelyne, founder of ProDog Raw, said,

“As a nation of dog lovers, I think most of us will have already thought the world of them. However, when the pandemic hit last year, their role in our lives has been crucial. They have helped us through the darkest days, always greeting us with a positive aura and a love of life that simply radiates from all dogs.

“Whether it is helping prevent crimes, providing emotional support or simply showing us humans how to live a happy fulfilled life, all dogs are heroic in some way, unfortunately we can’t celebrate every one with a year’s supply of food! We’re so excited to hear all of the fabulous stories from heroic and inspirational dogs, and can’t wait to shine a light on them over the next couple of months.”

Terms & Conditions 

By filling out the above application you are agreeing to ProDog Raw contacting you about your submission, as well as any other products or services of theirs they think you might be interested in. Entries will close on the 30th June at midnight. The winner will be announced and contacted by the 5th July via email, so please check your junk if you have made a nomination. The prize cannot be substituted for another product or exchanged for a monetary value or gift card. The prize includes standard delivery to the winner’s home address however please note that delivery of the food and treats may be subject to delay due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.