F.O.C.U.S Flyball Team: Putting ProDog Performance Supplements to the Test

F.O.C.U.S Flyball Team are no strangers to the big stage. After reaching the Flyball final at Crufts in 2022 and being pipped to the post by an opposing team, they were keen to look at dietary supplements that would fuel their dogs to compete more effectively and bounce back quickly after competition. 

Enter ProDog Raw’s performance supplements! 

“We made a beeline for the ProDog team at Crufts’  shared Sarah, F.O.C.U.S team captain, “we were determined to find a healthy nutritional solution to our dilemma. F.O.C.U.S dogs are epic in every way; they just needed that little bit of extra uumph, to maintain their pace for longer”.

Needless to say, the Flyball champions haven’t looked back. The results are impressive.

The story of F.O.C.U.S

Flyball is currently the fastest growing dog sport in the country and consists of a fast-paced relay race for both the dogs and their handlers. The British Flyball association is a close knit and passionate community with over 3000 members.

Founded in 2016, F.O.C.U.S Flyball Team has certainly made a name for themselves within the British Flyball Association. 24 adults, 2 children and 52 dogs make up the team from across the North and North West, Mansfield, Selby, Doncaster and Cheshire. You’ll find them in between race weekends, being put through their paces at their training venue in Selby, North Yorkshire.

After sadly losing their team member Amy to cancer in 2022, the F.O.C.U.S team became closer than ever, understanding the need to support each other and finding a new-found determination to make Amy proud. 

Before ProDog Raw supplements

Whilst F.O.C.U.S were already achieving fantastic results when competing, it was clear that the dogs were dropping time throughout the day as they began to tire. The team had spent time researching supplements and were keen to find one that would improve the dogs’ stamina and their ability to recover sooner while also protecting their overall health, something which has always been the main priority for the team. 

As Sarah enthusiastically talks about the four-legged members of the team, she tells us……

“All dogs that compete in Flyball are elite athletes as well as being much-loved family members, so health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to all involved” .

ProDog Raw’s  range of nine unique supplements are all individually formulated to achieve focused results. Each blend uses all-natural ingredients and contains zero fillers or bulking agents. Quality has always been at the forefront of ProDog Raw operations, and this is certainly the case for our supplements. 

Putting Revive and Flexx to the test

F.O.C.U.S decided to trial two of our supplements in the first instance. 

The first choice was Revive, designed specifically with performance in mind. This supplement supports recovery in active dogs and works to replenish their energy levels, maintaining the vitality that is needed to compete for a whole day in flyball. This choice was particularly important to F.O.C.U.S, and the hope was that an improvement in times would be seen following the introduction of this dietary addition. 

The second choice was Flexx. Formulated to support joint function and structure, Flexx aids mobility and allows for increased flexibility. In addition, the blend of natural ingredients helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat, an excellent bonus when you’re strutting your stuff in front of TV cameras and fans at Crufts. 

F.O.C.U.S wanted to ensure that the introduction of the supplements was closely monitored to allow for accurate observation of the results. As such, the team introduced Revive to three dogs only to start. They added Revive to meals at varying frequency. 

Once the results of Revive were clear to see, Flexx was then introduced for extra joint protection. The team closely observed each dog’s improvements as their diets were enriched with each supplement. 

All ProDog Raw supplements are designed as convenient meal toppers, easily sprinkled over any dog food. As such, providing the all-natural nutritional reinforcement ProDog supplements offer was exceptionally easy and convenient.

The Results

“All of our teams have gone up the rankings; it’s had a huge impact on success.”  

After introducing Revive to their racing teams, F.O.C.U.S were astounded by the results. Sarah explained that there were visible results within 4-6 weeks of introducing the supplement. 

“Wow, the dog’s performance on Revive is amazing, they are hitting new club records all the time. It definitely helps them.”

The dog that was given Revive full-time first in their initial study delivered a much more consistent performance, had more drive in training and had much better stamina overall. Due to these results, it wasn’t long before Revive was introduced to the whole team. 

Following this, Sarah explained how the whole team began to demonstrate consistency throughout the day when competing, adding that the supplement had really given the dogs the boost they needed to excel in their flyball careers. 

In addition, the results of Flexx have been just as noticeable. Sarah commented that the change in her older dog has been amazing and that many of the older dogs in the team now have a spring in their step once again. 

Six months after starting both Revive and Flexx, the team attended the British Flyball Association outdoor championships and not only broke their club record on the first day of competition but were over the moon to also break the overall British Flyball Association outdoor record, with an outstanding time of 14.71 seconds. The team were ecstatic and even joked that would begin taking the supplements themselves. 

Team ProDog were incredibly proud to hear their results and cannot wait to see F.O.C.U.S continue to grow and excel further as one of our ambassadors. We will be with them every step of the way, fuelling their rise to the top. We’re excited to see more flyball records being smashed.

ProDog Raw’s aim has always been to help dogs thrive, to live their healthiest lives through being given the most natural and biologically appropriate diet available. To witness the impact of a quality natural approach to nutrition in the dog sporting world is super exciting.

Our extensive range of supplements offers nutritional support for all dogs, from domestic dogs to elite sports or working dogs. Contact us today for tailored advice from our nutritional experts. We’ll help you to select the supplements best suited to your dog and answer any questions you may have.



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