Healthy Weight Loss & Raw Feeding: A Dog’s Journey Back To Health

At ProDog, we see more rescue dogs than we would like. Not because we don’t like to see dogs but because they shouldn’t need rescuing and they all too frequently come with a sad story! Often, they have been mis-treated or malnourished as their owners have not fed them enough. On the other end of the spectrum they have been overfed, are seriously lacking in exercise and are extremely overweight.

We Love to Follow Their Journey’s Back to Health

With our passion for all dogs, we love to follow the journeys of the ‘underdog’ as they find their furever homes and are cared for properly. Seeing them bought back to health, gaining confidence and enjoying life, makes it all so worthwhile for us.

Case Study Charlie & Riley

Riley’s Story

Charlie rescued his dog Riley, a Sharpei-Staffy cross, when he was 6 years old. At 36kgs, Riley was dangerously overweight. For any breed, being overweight is a risk to their health and brings with it a number of potential health issues. For a mixed breed such as this, it was something that needed addressing immediately.

The Right Raw Diet is Key

ProDog helped and supported Charlie to come up with a meal and exercise plan that would suit Riley and help to bring his weight down. Too much exercise would have been a shock to the system so the initial weight loss was addressed through a strict diet regime. In 8 weeks, Riley lost a healthy 5kg and then continued to lose weight until he was down to his goal weight of 24kg. The difference in Riley was significant. As well as the colossal weight loss, he was more active and full of vitality.

Maintaining the Weight Loss

Now, Charlie and Riley work to a meal plan that helps to support and maintain the weight loss so that the hard work isn’t all for nothing. Riley is thriving and very happy in his new home and we couldn’t be happier.


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