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Caroline Griffith

10 Mar '21


Raw Feeding During Holidays

If you have recently taken the leap to feeding raw food to your dog, you may find yourself wondering how you can travel with your dog’s new type of food, or how you might feed your dog whilst away on holiday. You will be pleased to know there are lots of ways you can do […]

16 Feb '21

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Biscuits for dogs – Why Dry Biscuits Aren’t a Treat

Bone shaped biscuits are one of the oldest types of dog biscuits, so much so, they are virtually a staple for many dogs as treats, or time-out biscuits. But are they actually good for dogs? With such a traditional heritage you could be forgiven for assuming they must be fine, after all they are still […]

22 Dec '20


What Can My Dog Eat?

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N Can Dogs Eat Nectarine? Nectarines are safe for dogs, however they contain a lot of natural sugars which can raise your dog’s blood sugar a little too high. The stone of a Nectarine should not be fed to dogs. If your […]

13 Dec '20


Protein For Dogs To Build Muscle

Whether you are looking to build up muscle on your dog following an injury, period of recovery or compete more strongly in a dog sport, the key is always in quality protein. Some dogs can also find themselves reducing in weight due to digestive issues. If the dog was not absorbing or digesting food efficiently […]

19 Nov '20


Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why is Your Dog Eating Grass? Grass eating is a very common occurrence which almost every dog will do at some point. Let’s start with the first question on every dog owner’s lips; is it safe for a dog to eat grass? The simple answer is yes, although if the grass has been sprayed with […]