Economy Core Raw Dog Food Bundle


Economy Core Raw Dog Food Bundle


A selection of ALL our Economy Core, ‘no frills’ raw dog food meals with vitamin and mineral enrichment. The ideal way for owners on a budget to deliver the fundamental nutritional components a dog requires. Stripped back to the core essentials and wrapped in minimal packaging, these handy chubs mean you can conserve cost without compromise.

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Description & Ingredients

Our Economy Core raw dog food range sets a new standard for economy raw dog food. The choice of four recipes combine appetising, fresh British meat and ground bone with tripe and offal, in select meal options. All supercharged with 5g per 500g ProDog’s premium vitamin and mineral rich ‘Boost’ supplement.

Optimal nutrition on a budget

ProDog Raw’s Boost adds powerful dietary reinforcement. We only use nature’s finest ingredients in our Boost dog supplement, all specially selected to add an abundance of nutrients not found in meat and offal alone— thereby bridging the gap between pure meat raw dog food and complete recipe meals in a cost-effective way. 

Suitable for all dogs 24 weeks+

Simple and Easy Meal Creation

Simply defrost, unwrap and serve. A delicious, species-appropriate dogs’ dinner  guaranteed to deliver mealtime delight whilst fuelling healthy development. If you want to bolster this range even more, simply add in veggies, fruits or other supplements as toppers to suit your dog’s requirements. 

Available in 450g size chubs

What To Expect In Your Box

*We always try our absolute best to supply the quantities listed; however, there may be times when we need to vary the quantity of individual meal options if stocks are low.

9kg Bundle = 20 x 450g

  • Economy Core Beef & Lamb
  • 5
  • Economy Core Chicken & Lamb
  • 5
  • Economy Core Chicken & White fish
  • 5
  • Economy Core Three Bird Roast
  • 5

Bundles are pre-packed which saves us time. The discounted price reflects this time saving and is calculated based on the specific meal options included in the bundle. This means swaps are not possible.

If you are unable to find a bundle that meets your dog’s requirements, not to worry, you can build your own box by adding individual meal options to your basket. By subscribing at checkout you will still be entitled to a 5% discount.


Economy Core Raw Dog Food Bundle