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Doggy Fitness Class

Is your dog looking a little plump? Don’t worry, we’ve got you both covered with the UK’s first Dog Zoom fitness class!

It will come as no surprise to many dog owners to hear that half of our canine companions are now overweight in the UK*. The last year has seen us confined to our homes more than ever before, and naturally that will have a knock on effect with how much exercise our pets are getting.

Identifying the issue of pet obesity is one thing, but as a raw nutrition brand that advocates for a dog’s health, we think it’s our duty to offer a solution to British pet owners across the country. 

This is why we’ve decided to launch the UK’s first (as far as we know) dog Zoom fitness class. Think P.E with Joe Wicks in your living room, but with the attendance of your dog. Before they were likely snoozing on the sofa watching you star jump and air squat, this time they’ll be actively partaking in the workout. 

These classes are not replacements for daily walks, as we know there is nothing (apart from cuddles and food) that dogs enjoy more than time spent exploring and running around outside. However, they will provide some quick and easy exercises that you can run through with your dog, which will be especially helpful for anyone who is still self-isolating or vulnerable, or for anyone who doesn’t have a garden where their dog can exert some energy throughout the day.

Just like us, it is important for dogs to get regular physical and mental exercise - keeping their minds active as well as their body is just as important and can be done simultaneously. The classes will be 20 to 30 minutes long, will require zero to minimal kit (bar healthy treats for your dog) and can be completed indoors. Our trainer will run through each simple exercise or activity with their dog, before completing it with you. 

Examples of some of the exercises you will be guided through include a hide and seek drill, tug of war and step exercises. Safety protocols will take priority and only safe and well-proven exercises will be included in the class. This is why it is important to declare the breed, age and weight of your dog when signing up so that we can ensure the class is delivered effectively.The class is also only designed for one owner and one dog to take part - so if you have multiple dogs please ensure they are either out of the house or in another room where they won’t be disturbed. 

The first class will take place over Zoom at the end of April, so a laptop/computer/iPad and good internet connection is a must. If you are interested you can register below and we will contact you when the date of the first class is confirmed.

Terms & Conditions

By registering your interest you are agreeing to ProDog Raw contacting you about the class, as well as any other products or services of theirs they think you might be interested in. If you attend the class you must also give consent for ProDog Raw to share any media taken from the class across their social channels.
ProDog Raw reserves the right to terminate the class at any point.

Disclaimer: The information and instruction provided in the class is to the best of our and the trainer’s knowledge. All technical advice, whether verbal or in writing is for guidance and is given in good faith but without warranty, since site conditions and care and skill of application are beyond our control. ProDog Raw can accept no liability in the case of injury to yourself or your dog, or any damage to your home resulting from the class. This does not affect your statutory rights.
For dogs on any medication we advise you seek veterinary advice before agreeing to proceed with the class.