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Does Looking At Puppies

Reduce Stress?


Do dogs make you happy? Would you rather look at a picture of a Border Collie than a friend’s ‘outfit of the day’? If so, we have just the job for you! 

We’re recruiting 10 members of the public to take part in a study, which will investigate the impact looking at dogs has on our stress levels, because let’s be honest we’re all feeling a little stressed out these days. 

It’s as straightforward as it sounds, we will pay each candidate £20/hour to wear a heart rate monitor, and periodically look at pictures of dogs as they go about their day, whether they be at work, running errands, doing housework, it doesn’t matter! 

We decided to conduct this study after we recently surveyed 1,402 members of the public and found that the majority (73%) prefer to see a picture of a dog or cat than someone’s selfie on their social media timelines. In fact, two thirds (64%) of participants we polled said they are more likely to engage with an animal post than a human one on social media.  

This got us thinking...maybe we prefer looking at pictures of pets because they make us feel a certain way, like happy, relaxed or calm. 

The only way to truly find out why is to do the legwork ourselves, hence why we’re hiring 10 test subjects, so we can monitor heart rate data (with the help of a doctor of course) and conclude whether images of dogs have a scientific and cathartic effect on us hoomans.

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What does a Dog Test Subject have to do?

Set an alarm to go off every hour so you will stop what you’re doing and look at a picture of a dog (we can help curate this for you).

The ‘work day’ will be 6 hours long, which can be flexible around your schedule.  

You will be paid £20 per hour,  £120 in total. 

You will be sent a chest heart rate monitor to wear for the day, you can download your data via an app which you can then export to us - this is what we’ll share with the Doctor we’ve partnered with to analyse the results. We will provide training beforehand to ensure every test subject is comfortable using the devices. 

You must also keep a diary to note what times you looked at the dog photos to share with us at the end of the day. 

We’re hoping to recruit our test subjects by the 30th April, so if you think you can look at pictures of dogs for a day, fill out the form below:

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Terms & Conditions

By filling out the above application you are agreeing to ProDog Raw contacting you about your application, as well as any other products or services of theirs they think you might be interested in. If your application is successful and you are hired you must also give consent for ProDog Raw to share the results of the study, however no personal information will be made public. 

ProDog Raw reserves the right to terminate the employment at any time before the start date or in the eventuality that no suitable candidates are found to close the job application. Due to the number of applications ProDog Raw normally receives, only successful applicants will receive a response.