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What are the Raw Benefits?


by Mike Simmonds

Our BARF recipes (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding), are painstakingly prepared nutritionally balanced meals consisting of only premium human grade ingredients from DEFRA approved British British Farm certified farms. Our menu range is all made lovingly by hand in Yorkshire. By dog people, for dog people!

Raw feeding and the BARF diet concept is simply about your dog eating naturally, as they would have done in the wild. We have domesticated dogs, but that doesn’t mean they have evolved internally to eat processed food!

The stomach pH in dogs is lower than humans meaning they can easily break down raw meat and bones. From wild wolf to domesticated dog, anatomically they are the same and their teeth and bodies are designed to chew, digest and thrive on a diet of raw meat and bones!

Commercially processed dog food is man made and based on meat derivatives, containing excessive sugars, preservatives, other additives and fillers amongst other ‘nasties’. At ProDog Raw, we use only human grade meat with ground bone and add vegetables, superfoods and oils for extra vitamins and nutrients.

Mike Simmonds

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