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Excellence In Every Mouthful – Take A Look At How We Make Our Raw Dog Food

Author: Stu Toogood

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At ProDog Raw, we are obsessed with producing the best quality meals possible!

We believe that quality nutrition is the cornerstone of canine health.  

Energy, stamina, strength, health, happiness and a coat to turn heads – that’s the “Raw Food Effect”

With ProDog Raw you can allow your dogs to experience the “Raw Food Effect” with absolute peace of mind. 

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in food production. 

This wealth of expertise combined with leading technology, the very best British ingredients and unique meal recipes formulated alongside leading veterinary professionals, means ProDog delivers a (premium) raw dog food menu that is unrivalled in the industry.

All our meat comes from human quality production sources, operating with the best possible welfare practices (and, wherever possible, the livestock is pasture reared).

Our factory is DEFRA approved.

And as a Pet Food Manufacturers Association member, rigorous quality control and testing criteria is required by law. 

The meat and offal cuts used in our meal recipes are analysed with a UKAS accredited testing lab for salmonella and enterobacteria, and stored at -18degrees. 

This temperature is monitored throughout production to ensure that it never rises above -2degrees. Once formulation is completed to the product standard, our meals are immediately placed into blast freezers and maintained at -18 degree until dispatch. 

Ultimately, we love dogs!  As such, we commit to each and every one of our canine customers to give our absolute best to every aspect of our products.

From design, to formulation, to production and packaging, we invest our all to ensure we deliver a raw dog food you can trust will help your dogs live their best lives.

This is our standard.  This is why we are recommended, stocked and sold by vet practices. This is ProDog Raw. 


Bill Stickley

Did is a rescue Saluki his is under which maybe the dry dog feed Arden grange sensitive. I add a teaspoon clay good for humans as well and acidophilus capsule once a day. His weight is 2-3 kegs under. His problems are as you mentioned lots of faeces 5 a day and fishy breath wind not as bad. They are a sensitive breed anyway. He likes a piece of banana or more
Reluctant to try yet another brand and being raw food more risk of bacteria. How is the food best stored for dog.
Thank you


Hi Bill and Carol

Does Did have any food intolerances, such as chicken or beef ?

We do a sample trial pack that you could try him on before committing to a larger order.
Bacteria in raw food concerns
To offer some reassurance, UK raw pet food manufacturers are subject to highly stringent legislation and testing. Therefore feeding your dog a ProDog raw diet is as safe to your health and your dog’s wellbeing as it is preparing human-quality meat for your own consumption.

In short, here’s why you can feel confident in us:

Our food is DEFRA (Department of Farming and Rural Affairs) approved, meaning we have stringent quality control and testing criteria we have to meet by law. In fact, ProDog chooses to go above and beyond these requirements.

Our factory is PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association) certified. As the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry also has a strict code of practice.

Our factory has a management team with over 100 years combined experience in human food production. This abundance of knowledge, expertise and experience has been transferred to ProDog operations, making the finest quality raw dog food you can TRUST.

We work with consultant vets and canine nutritional experts within all aspects of our product formulation and design.

Our food is made in small, 100kg batches. This is less cost-effective than operating at full capacity, but it’s a cost that we are happy to bear to make sure that quality is placed above all else. Each batch we make is specifically tested for both Salmonella and E.coli as per DEFRA requirements. Food only leaves our premises once our tests have returned to show that the food is lab certified.

We also feel passionately that livestock animals should not suffer to feed others; as such, all our ingredients only ever come from DEFRA approved and British Farm certified sources. This means all our meat is human-quality and originates from ethically managed farms where the animals are pasture reared whenever possible.

ProDog Raw provide the following storage and feeding guidelines:

Feeding & Storage Guide

Keep raw dog food frozen until use
Defrost overnight in the fridge
Use a dedicated storage container and defrost away from other food or food preparation equipment/surfaces
Food will last 4 days if kept refrigerated
Do not refreeze
If lesser amounts needed, decant from frozen tray. Keep remainder frozen
Hands should be washed thoroughly before and after handling raw food
Clean and disinfect all surfaces touched by raw meat.

In addition, here is a short video showcasing how we source and make our raw meals

On a final note, we are all dog lovers!
Each and every member of the ProDog team have as much passion and love for our canine pals as you do and as such, will never compromise the health and vitality of the dogs we feed in any way.

We hope this helps, but if you still have any concerns about your dog’s health and whether you should feed raw, we recommend speaking with a pro-raw vet. You can locate one local to you via their website here.

Hope that helps, but do get back in touch if we can be of further assistance.

My dog is allergic to lamb. Is there a way ro take Lamb meals out of the bundles?
Many Thanks
Miss Susan Johnson


Hi Susan
We have many bundles without lamb included. Our Core Bundle, Exotic, and Low fat bundle are all lamb free.

Hope that helps, but do get back in touch if we can be of further assistance

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