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Ditch The Dry – Reason 21: Allergies and Intolerances

Author: Sarah Robinson

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Sarah from Frank and Jellys and I am part of the Ditch the Dry team.

At Frank and Jellys we help dog owners make better choices for a happier and healthier dog by helping them through education and natural supplements.

I often hear dog owners say ‘my dog is allergic to life’ so if your dog is struggling with itchy skins, damp smelling fur, cysts, hot spots or any other yeast related issues this video is for you.

So if your dog has suspected “allergies” the first place we need to look at your dogs diet to try and find if it is actually a food intolerance which is triggering ‘allergy’ symptoms.

So when we talk about allergies from a medical perspective the definition is actually an immune system response to food so things like vomiting, anaphylaxis, hives, pink skins where as food intolerances are abnormal responses to a food which could be symptoms such a scratching, tear stains, mucky ears and yeast infections.

Food intolerances and yeast are the two most common causes of issues relating to skin issues and most of which can be quickly resolved through a fresh and healthy diet without ever the need for steroids.

Food intolerances can also come from a lack of a lack of variety in the diet which is why we see so many dog owners say they have been feeding the same food for years without any problems.

A bit like if you ate a food obsessively for years and suddenly it didn’t agree with you any more. The body has been over exposed and developed a reaction in response.

Yeast lives naturally in a dogs body but when a dog isn’t fed a healthy diet it can cause a yeast to overgrown causing a yeast imbalance. Yeast is one of the most common issues for kibble feeders because dry food is predominately carbohydrates and when these starches break down they turn into sugars which is a food source for yeast.

If your not sure grab a piece of bread right now and hold a piece on your tongue for just a minute. See how it starts to taste sweet?

There you go a real life demonstration of how dry foods provide a food source to yeast.

So whilst owners continue on the same diet regardless of using supplements or medications the problem will remain as you are inevitably feeding the problem… literally

Hair tests like the ones often available cheaply online are not conclusive enough, roughly only 70% , you really need to do a food elimination diet whereby you strip back your dogs diet feeding only one ingredient at a time which is why the best and fastest way to do it is through raw feeding.

If you would love some more information on how to get quick results to improve the appearance of your dogs skin and coat through a small but powerful diet change please visit the ditch the dry page.

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Sarah Robinson

Founder of Specialist Dog Website Frank &


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