ProDog raw diet for dogs UK
Toni Siani

Estella Holmes

ProDog raw dog diet plan

Just want to say a huge thank you for introducing Mya and Ace to the great benefits of ProDog Raw dog food. I was at the point of desperation and totally fed up with the poor quality of processed dog foods. The dogs were doing big, runny poos and they lacked energy and vitally. However since speaking to Heidi who went through everything, explaining about the ingredients and about the production I placed my first order. There is a great variety to chose from.

Today, since being on ProDog Raw food, my dogs are full of energy, they are bright and full of life. Mya who was a little overweight is in excellent shape. Both dogs absolutely love this food, plus there are treats which are to die for. I would never go back to buying that processed rubbish!!! I love my dogs too much. Only regret is I wish I’d heard about this sooner.

I have recommended ProDog Raw food to my family and friends and they have thanked me for it.