Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about feeding your dog a raw diet. We take a look at some of these popular myths and set the record straight.

1) Raw food will give my dog worms

If you are buying your raw food from a reputable manufacturer that use human grade meat then there is absolutely no reason why your dog should contract any sort of parasite from a raw diet. ProDog Raw are DEFRA approved and only use premium quality, human grade meat.

2) Raw food will make my dog aggressive or blood thirsty!

Wrong. A raw diet does not make a dog aggressive. On the contrary, it is full of pure, fresh and natural ingredients that will help your dog achieve a more stable temperament. Many products such as kibble and tinned dog foods are full of intensively processed meat, derivatives and additives that should not be part of a dog’s diet.

3) The bacteria in raw food is harmful to my dog

A popular myth when it comes to raw food is that it might contain bacteria that is harmful to dogs. Our food is DEFRA approved, manufactured in a clean and healthy environment and we only use premium quality, human grade meat. Each batch of food we make is specifically tested for both Salmonella and E.coli as per DEFRA requirements. As long as you defrost our food properly, store in a refridgerator and then use up within 72 hours you won’t encounter any problems.


4) Raw diets are not balanced

ProDog Raw is designed to give a dog everything they need for a nutritionally balanced diet. Our “complete” range consists of 80% meat (incl. 10% bone content unless otherwise stipulated) and 20% vegetables. We also include superfoods and flaxseed oil, cod liver oil and virgin coconut oil. We have options with offal or without dependent on your dog’s requirements. Our “pure” range is a complimentary feed for those dog owners who like to tailor their dog’s diet to their own specific needs.

5) Bone is harmful to dogs

Cooked bone can be harmful if ingested by a dog as it becomes brittle and can splinter. Raw bone however does not splinter like cooked bones do, raw bone is extremely beneficial to dogs as it aids with digestion, promotes a healthy stool and is also fantastic for fresh breath and strong, clean teeth.

6) Raw diets are expensive

Most manufacturers of kibble recommend feeding your dog an average of around 250-300g per day for a 20kg (medium-sized-adult) dog. The same dog needs roughly 400g - 450g of raw per day. If you work it out on a cost comparison, a raw diet is actually cheaper. You can see our cost comparisonhere.

7) Dogs are domesticated and too far removed from wolves

While dogs have been domesticated this only applies to their behaviour and appearance, not their internal anatomy. Although a dog may have become used to a commercial diet of processed food, it doesn’t mean that they no longer have the enzymes necessary to digest raw food. Once they are removed from a processed diet their body will adapt and engage these enzymes, and your dog’s body will function as it was naturally designed to do.


As long as you stick to the feeding guidelines for ProDog Raw you will only see benefits to your dog’s health. Dogs that are already fed ProDog Raw are full of more vitality, have a more stable temperament, have better teeth and gums, noticeably shiny coats and healthy skin and shed less. A huge benefit to feeding raw is a significantly reduced and hardened stool which for any dog owner is a massive plus. If you have any concerns about your dog’s health and whether you should feed them raw, speak to your vet first.