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Sponsoring Ellie, Archie & Ava


by Mike Simmonds

ProDog Raw are proud to be sponsoring Ellie and her two beautiful agility dogs; Ava and Archie. Now Ava is yet to start her training yet but Archie has already had great success in the world of agility with some staggering achievements

Archie’s Agility Accomplishments

Archie is Ellie’s first agility dog and so far, they have gone from grade 1 to grade 7 qualifying for Crufts YKC jumping twice, medium ABC fat Crufts, YKC pairs at Crufts, the Novice Cup in the main arena and winning agility. In addition to these Ellie and Archie have achieved the following

  • 2016 – Selected for the junior GB team traveling to Slovakia for the Junior European open.
  • 2017 – Selected for the junior GB team, travelling to Luxembourg for the Junior European open. He then was selected for the adult team GB squad.
  • 2018 – Selected for the European open team held in Austria, as a team and an individual and then the FCI world championships 2018, held in Sweden, as a team.
  • 2019 – Selected for the European open, both as a team and an individual, held in The Netherlands. He got 21st place in the individual agility round. He also was selected for the FCI world championships 2019, held in Finland, as a team. He got a reserve ticket.

Not Always an Easy Journey

It hasn’t always been an easy journey however, and there have been some challenging moments along the way especially when Archie was taken ill last year. Archie and Ellie were fortunate enough to be selected for the GB team to compete at the European Open Championships and the FCI world championships. He went to the European Opens in July and they had a great time. Following that, in October of last year, they went to the FCIs. He ran in the team event on the Thursday and ran well. However, on the Friday morning, he was taken ill.

Archie Unfortunately Became ill

Of course, Archie’s health comes first and Ellie took the decision to pull him out of the competition. This was a devastating blow after being lucky enough to go to such a prestigious event. It turned out that at some point Archie had eaten two stones and was immediately rushed off for emergency surgery! The Swedish vet even thought that the stones had been ingested approximately 6 months previously (due to the damage that had been sustained to his insides). It would seem that the stones suddenly moved to an uncomfortable position, which is what made him ill that day!

Ellie Chose ProDog Nutrition to Assist with his Recovery

After surgery, Ellie was keen to rehabilitate Archie back to full health before she even considered a return to light agility. She decided to use the ProDog Maximus lean muscle builder to aid in his recovery, as he had lost a lot of muscle due to having major surgery and not being active. Also, as it contains all organic ingredients and is kind to the digestive system, it was still suitable to use despite the fact he had undergone stomach surgery. It was a fantastic aid to his recovery and after 3 months he was deemed fit enough to return to small jumps in straight lines. Archie’s quick and healthy recovery meant that he was able to run at the team GB days this year and they were lucky enough to be chosen again. Ellie said it was a dream come true! He ran at both the European Open and FCI this year, stone free!

Ellie Made the Switch to ProDog Raw

Following the success of Maximus, Ellie decided to change both Ava and Archie’s food to ProDog Raw and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Their overall condition has improved massively and Ellie is delighted that she made the switch:

“They love the food and even drool when they see me making it, licking their bowls clean! The company is second to none, helping you with any queries or questions you may have and they are truly passionate about what they do. I would highly, highly recommend ProDog Raw to anyone. Be a part of the pack, you will not regret it at all!”

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Ellie, Archie and Ava and look forward to seeing how these two magnificent dogs get on in their future endeavours. If you have had a similar experience or currently have a dog that is recovering from illness or injury, get in touch and we will be only too happy to advise and discuss a plan of action with you for a quick and full recovery for your beloved dogs.

“My dog underwent major gut surgery last year, after swallowing two stones. I used the lean muscle powder, to aid in his recovery and it was really amazing. As it’s kind on the digestion, he was still able to have it. The powder really helped him get back up to top fitness and after 3 months of rehabilitation, he was deemed fit enough to return to light agility.

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