Tripe Bone


Tripe Bone


Our tripe dog treats are made from 100% natural British tripe, gently air-dried and pressed into the shape of a bone. These tripe bone treats are available in small, medium and large size options. Quality nutrition in boredom busting form. Part of our dental treats for dogs range.

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Description & Ingredients

ProDog tripe dog treats are 100% natural, healthy, doglicious and gently dehydrated to maintain excellent nutritional value. Absolutely zero chemicals, additives and preservatives.

Our natural tripe bones are made from 100% British tripe, packed full of digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria to support the gut microbiome and promote gut health. Provides long lasting amusement; gnawing is known to stimulate cognition and care for teeth and gums. A highly nutritious reward, the perfect way to spoil your four-legged best friend.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Protein 82%

Natural oils & fats 7%

Ash 5%



Why choose our tripe dog treats

  • Benefits gut health
  • Prime British protein source
  • From DEFRA approved farms only
  • A long lasting treat option
  • Easily digested, the perfect reward to feed alongside, or as part of a raw diet

Feeding guide

  • Suitable for all dogs 24 weeks +
  • All dogs should be supervised when given treats and chews to eat
  • Treats should be calculated as part of the dog’s daily food allowance
  • Always ensure there is fresh water available


Tripe Bone