Core Raw Dog Food Bundle


Core Raw Dog Food Bundle


Our raw dog food bundle is a specially selected assortment of our complete raw dog food range of affordable dog food meal chubs. Precisely balanced nutrition but at a lower price without compromising on quality. Keep your dog’s taste buds happy with a selection of our best selling raw feeding staple options.

Recommended: From our dog supplements range, Boost canine support supplement for extra nutritional reinforcement – enjoy 15% discount when purchased with this bundle.


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10kg, 15kg,& 25kg

Description & Ingredients

Our raw dog food meals provide a blend of quality, fresh meat, fish, ground bones and offal (only ever from DEFRA approved, British Farm Assurance certified local farms or the Atlantic ocean), packed with seasonal vegetables, superfoods and infused with the best quality Scottish salmon oil.

Suitable for all dogs 24 weeks+

Our perfectly crafted complete meals deliver the full spectrum of nutriment required to support the growth, development and vitality of your working dog. 

ProDog Boost is an expertly formulated dietary supplement powder, designed as a meal topper to be easily added to food. A blend of nature’s finest, botanics, nutraceuticals and superfoods to support optimum health, physique and performance of your working dog, designed for daily use.

Simple And Easy Feeding

Simply defrost, pop the lid and serve! Then relax in the knowledge your dog is getting the absolute best possible natural nourishment, every single day.  

What To Expect In Your Box

*We always try our absolute best to supply the quantities listed; however, there may be times when we need to vary the quantity of individual meal options or the tub sizes if stocks are low.

10kg Bundle = 20 x 500g size tubs

  • Complete Chicken Formula x6
  • Complete Beef with Chicken Formula x4
  • Complete Chicken with Green Tripe Formula x6
  • Complete Beef with Offal Formula x4


15kg Bundle = 30 x 500g size tubs

  • Complete Chicken Formula x12
  • Complete Beef with Chicken Formula x6
  • Complete Chicken with Green Tripe Formula x6
  • Complete Beef with Offal Formula x6


25kg Bundle =  25 x 1kg size tubs

  • Complete Chicken Formula x10
  • Complete Beef with Chicken Formula x5
  • Complete Chicken with Green Tripe Formula x5
  • Complete Beef with Offal Formula x5
Bundles are pre-packed which saves us time. The discounted price reflects this time saving and is calculated based on the specific meal options included in the bundle. This means swaps are not possible.
If you are unable to find a bundle which meets your dog’s requirements, not to worry, you can build your own box by adding individual meal options to your basket. By subscribing at checkout you will still be entitled to a 5% discount.


Core Raw Dog Food Bundle