Puppy Treat Bundle


Puppy Treat Bundle


A handpicked selection of our natural, wholesome, puppy-friendly treats. This tantalising trio of our most popular treats are thoughtfully chosen to suit delicate mouths and baby needle teeth. Whether rewarding your pup in training or simply providing them with a daily indulgent snack, this mouthwateringly moreish bundle is guaranteed to leave puppy tails wagging.

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Description & Ingredients

Part of our natural dog treats range. Healthy treats are an important part of your pup’s diet. Our Puppy Treat Bundle is free from artificial additives, preservatives or fillers and contains zero e-numbers, flavourings or grains. Naturally dehydrated to maintain nutrients, ensuring that your dog receives only the best nature has to offer. 

This puptastic bundle contains three packs of tasty treats from our current range

  1. Ostrich Training Treats (200g)
  2. Black Pudding Training treats (170g)
  3. Kangaroo Jerky (175g)

For adult dogs and those with allergies-  we’ve got you covered too, with our bundles created especially for adults and those with food sensitivities to the more commonly farmed meats in mind. 

Quality Nutrition

  • Balanced mix of low fat & healthy fat options
  • Puppy friendly size & texture
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easily digested, the perfect reward to feed alongside, or as part of a raw diet

Feeding Guide

Suitable for all dogs 8 weeks +

All dogs should be supervised when given treats and chews to eat

Treats should be calculated as part of the puppy’s daily food allowance

Always ensure there is fresh water available


Puppy Treat Bundle