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Say No to Processed Dog Food and Yes to Raw


by midoufilali

All prepared dog food can range in quality but it is all processed. Even the more expensive products will contain sugar and fat, our human equivalent of junk food.

It is horrifying to contemplate what exactly goes into prepared dog food, especially the cheaper varieties. Most contain corn to bulk out the ingredients. This is not human grade corn but the feed given to cattle. It could even be just the grain dust from the factory floor and likely to be packed full of pesticides.

Not ‘Complete’ or ‘Balanced’

Many foods are labelled as being ’complete and balanced’. This usually means that cheap vitamins and minerals have been added. Kibble is grain and not naturally suited to our dogs digestive system. Contrary to belief, kibble does not clean teeth and what a bland way to feed a dog! There are minimal health requirements for dog food. Any trials of dog food need only be for a short time with a few dogs. Subsequent reactions or problems won’t be apparent straightaway because they usually take longer to build.

Most vets don’t have any training about feeding and nutrition. They are usually asked to recommend a product by a rep and this is what you see on display in surgeries.

Feeding your dog the same product every day will limit and impair their nutrition in the long term. Digestive problems and allergies are likely to occur too.

Raw Provides Variety

We choose to eat a varied diet, this is what we should offer our dogs and feeding a raw diet gives them this variety naturally. Feeding our dogs as they originally were in the wild allows them to achieve better health and stamina. They will also enjoy their food much more too. Take a look at our range of raw dog food today!


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